How to Refresh Browser On Mac – Technical Troubleshoot

Mac Browser Refresh

No doubt, you have to clear your browsers, but you just recently switched to Mac and are confused about how to refresh your browser on Mac and clear your tabs. However, if you are wondering to click F5, don’t click it. It won’t work.

Working on Mac compared to Windows is different. However, refreshing the browser on both devices means reloading the page you are working on. Don’t panic; refreshing will not delete cookies from your browser.

This article will be beneficial for you if you’re looking for ways to refresh different apps and browsers on Mac. You will be given tips and tricks to refresh your apps. 

How to Refresh Browser on Mac

For troubleshooting, you can quickly refresh the different browsers on Mac. The easiest way is to click the refresh button placed on the screen, but if you are looking for the shortcut. Here you go.

We’ve discussed below different short keys to refresh different browsers on Mac. The Normal Browser Refresh is the same for all browsers, but there is a slight change in the hard browser refresh. 

Refresh Chrome + Safari + Firefox + Opera Browsers on Mac.

Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari are different browsers that run on the Mac and different devices. 

But if you are accessing these browsers on Mac, you can Hard Refresh your Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox browsers by pressing the Command+ Option+ R keys at the same time.

Another way to refresh Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera browsers on the Mac is by clicking the Shift and Reload buttons together.

How to Refresh Apps and Programs on Mac?

You have been told about how to refresh the browser on Mac. Now, it’s time to learn how to refresh different apps and programs on Mac.

Refresh Dock on Mac

If you want to refresh the dock on Mac, you can follow the procedure below.

On Dock> select “Activity Monitor,” then quit the app by clicking the “x” button. A pop-up will appear; click “Force quit.”

Refresh Mail App on Mac

To refresh Apple Mail, you need to access the mail app and follow the steps below.

Simple click refresh on your inbox. 

Or Else

Hold Shift+ Command + N at the same time.

To refresh Gmail, click on the “refresh” button.

Refresh Music on the Mac

To refresh the Music app on Mac, you need to head to its process.

Open the Music app> Select the music icon> Select preferences> Hit General> Click “Sync library.”

Refresh Messages on Mac

To refresh messages, click iMessage from the message menu and select Sync Now.

Refresh the Mac Desktop

A simple way to refresh different apps on Mac is the Command + R. Sadly, this shortcut key is not applicable on Finder. 

Finder can not be refreshed through any shortcut keys. To refresh the finder, you can use the forward and back buttons from the top of the screen.

Refresh with F5 on a Mac in Google Chrome

Suppose you are tired of pressing F5 to refresh the Chrome browsers on Mac and being failed. No worries. Let me break your misconception with F5.

The function of F5 on Mac is to decrease brightness.

But you can also refresh your Chrome browser with the F5 key by doing some modifications in the settings.

  • Head to “system preferences.”
How to Refresh Browser on Mac
  • Hit the “Keyboard” option.
Hit the “Keyboard” option.
  • Hit the “Keyboard shortcuts” button. In new versions of Mac, you will see only the “Shortcut” button.  
Hit the “Keyboard shortcuts” button
  • From Shortcuts, select “App/Application shortcuts.”
Application shortcuts for mac browser refresh
  • Click the [+] button.
Click the [+] button for refreshing browser on mac
  • Select “Google Chrome” in the application, “reload this page” in the Menu Title, and in the keyboard shortcut, select F5.
keyboard shortcut, select F5
  • Hit “Add.”
Hit “Add.”

Now, your F5 Button will work for refreshing the browsers.

Hard Refresh and Clear Cache the Chrome Browsers on Mac

You can hard refresh the browser on Mac when using Chrome. If the one method doesn’t work, you can apply the second one on the browser.

Let’s head to both ways to refresh browsers on Chrome.

2 Ways to Hard Refresh Mac Browser

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut command + Shift + R
  2. Click the Refresh button on Chrome + “Shift” key.

Clear Cache of Mac Chrome

If your Chrome gets stuck and your work is getting disturbed due to the slow processing, why don’t you clear the cache of your Mac Chrome? 

Let’s head to the steps to clear the Mac Chrome cache.

Open Chrome> Click Settings> Security Link> Click Clear Browsing data.

Hard Browser Refresh vs. Normal Browser Refresh

The Hard Browser Refresh clears all of the temporary files of the page you are working on and reloads the new version of the page. 

In contrast, Normal Browser Refresh just reloads the web page and doesn’t delete your browser cache. 

You can hard refresh your browser by pressing Shift+ Refresh Button, whereas for a normal refresh, press Command+R.


Unlike Windows, Macbooks have different refreshing shortcut keys for different browsers. You can refresh your desktop, browsers, and apps by simply pressing Command+R. 

Moreover, if any of the shortcut key doesn’t work in your Mac browsers and apps, you can contact the Mac support or update your Mac apps. 


What to do if refreshing doesn’t work?

It happens when there’s a poor internet connection; fix it by reconnecting your network. If it doesn’t help, then turn off your MacBook and refresh again after turning it on. 

Is there any refresh button on Mac?

No, there is no refresh button on Mac.

Is there any equivalent to Windows F5 on a Mac? 

Yes, in Mac, Command + R is the equivalent of F5. You can refresh your browsers through this. 


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