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Reference Image in Midjourney

If you’ve ever wanted to create your art but had little expertise or guidance,  Perhaps you are an artist seeking new methods to express yourself. If so, you must know How to give Reference Images in Midjourney.

As you know, Midjourney can generate amazing images with your provided prompts. Still, the most fantastic part about this AI art generator is that it can also give you mesmerized results if you refer to an image.

When you give a reference image as a prompt to Midjourney, you can generate a new, out-of-the-box image. That means you can enhance and create new or older images in new high-quality images.

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How to Give Reference Images in Midjourney

Whether you’re a professional artist or a creative hobbyist, the reference image tool is a powerful tool that can help you take your work to the next level. So don’t wait and start exploring the Midjourney reference tool with us.

Step 1: Click [ + ]

Select any server to generate an image from your reference image. 

Click the [+] icon. You can also click double to select your reference image directly.

How to give Reference Image in Midjourney

Step 2: Upload File

Select upload file. You can select the reference image by clicking on this.

How to Give Reference Images in Midjourney

Step 3: Select the Image

When you double-click [+] or select upload a file, a dialogue box will open from where you can choose your reference image.

Hit enter to upload your image to the Server room. 

Reference Images in Midjourney

Step 4: Copy the Image Address

Open the image. Right-click the image, and select “Copy image address” to copy it on the message box later.

Copy the Image Address

Step 5: Select Command

Click on the message area, select the command /imagine, and click the pop on the screen to proceed further with your image generation.

Select Command

Step 6: Enter the Address

Now, copy the address of your uploaded reference image on the message area. Give space to add your specific prompt.

Enter the Address

Step 7: Enter Prompt 

After entering the space to link, enter your prompt according to the image you want.

For example: For the above reference image, the prompt I entered is breathtaking sunrise, an iconic landmark, High quality, 4k.

And here are the results.

Enter Prompt 

Recommendations of Reference Image in Midjourney

Reference images are an excellent source of creativity and concepts for your work. Your technical abilities can also be enhanced with their assistance. However, there are vital aspects to remember for reference photos.

The following advice is for using reference pictures:

  1. Image format must be png, jpeg, or gif format.
  2. Image URL must end with a PNG, gif, and jpeg file name extension.
  3. Try image weight —  iw. Put different weights for different images and see the result.
  4. Try to stylize — s to change the default style of the picture. It ranges from 0-1000. 
  5. Try to keep the aspect ratios of both input and output the same: 1:1 in for 1:1 out, and so on.
  6. Use clear, uncomplicated reference images for better results images.
  7. Always use the URL for reference images in a prompt. Words can’t be used instead of URLs.
  8. It will NOT invent, add, or produce anything on its own. You must initiate it. Unless your prompt specifies otherwise, a reference picture that lacks arms will remain such.
  9. You can use Remix to add/remove image references, which opens up some exciting possibilities. So try them out.

By heeding these recommendations, you could discover new things, stop mistakes, and save time and money. So, if you need assistance, feel free to use Midjourney chat rooms. These proper recommendations may make a world of difference in your image.

How does Reference Image in Midjourney work?

You have discovered step-by-step guidance of reference images, now move towards the working of the reference images and how it works.

When you give midjourney a reference image, it automatically runs the image recognition by recognizing the basic objects and making specific changes. 

It automatically runs the /describe command on your image and detects the changes it wants to stylize further on the frame, like colors, theme, accents, and more.

After running the /describe command, it combines image objects with an invisible prompt. It also adds image weight that ranges from 0-2, in case you do not specify it in your prompt.

In this way, new images with modernized prompts are generated on Midjourney. The more specific prompts with parameters you enter, the higher quality and better the image will be formed. 

How to Use Reference Images in Midjourney Different Versions?

For any version in Midjourney, there are the exact steps to use any image. All you have to do is double-click the [+], upload a photo, long-press the image to copy the image address, and then give the command /Imagine. Insert the image reference link to the prompt and press the space bar before providing a further specific prompt.

Yet, there are different image qualities in other versions of Midjourney.

We will compare all the images generated in different versions of Midjourney to see how far Midjourney has come in the art and creativity platform.

The image I used in Mijourney for different versions is: 

How to Use Reference Images in Midjourney Different Versions

For V1

To use the image in Midjourney version 1, first, type /settings in the message box and hit enter. Then select version 1.

Give Midjourney the image you want to use. Copy its image address. Type /imagine command. Copy the URL of the image, and give your prompt.

Here is the pictorial representation of the above steps.

  1. Give a command and hit enter.
For V1
  1. Select version 1
Select version 1

Ensure that in Midjourney versions 1, 2, and 3, the image weight you can use is a whole number like 1, 2.

The prompt I gave for the above reference image is: fire, agression, power –iw 1 –v 1.

Here are the results I got in version 1:

Midjourney V1 results

For V2

The exact steps you followed for selecting version 1 will be followed for selecting version 2.

Here’s an example:

For V2

And also. The same steps will be followed for using pictures in Midjourney.

In version 2, the same prompts are used.

Midjourney v2 results

For V3

The exact steps you followed for selecting versions 1 and 2 will be followed for selecting version 3.

Here’s an example:

For V3

And also. The same steps will be followed for using pictures in Midjourney.

The same prompts will be used for images for version 3.

images for version 3

For V4

The exact steps you followed for selecting versions 1, 2, and 3 will be followed for selecting version 4.

Here’s an example:

For V4

The same steps are followed to upload a photo to Midjourney. Also, the same prompts will be used for images for version 4.

As mentioned in the above recommendations, when you don’t give specific parameters, Midjourney will automatically stylize the image based on its recognition specification.

Here are the results

For V4 Midjourney

Damn!! You can see a 360-degree difference in this image from the above image.

Let’s explore more!!

For V5

Do I still need to tell you to select version 5 from the /settings command? 

For your ease, there’s still an image for confirmation.

For V5

The prompt I use in Midjourney version 5 is: fire, aggression, power, no person –s 250 –v 5 

The generated image is here.

For V5 Midjourney

I used a negative prompt in this image generation by adding “no person.”  

Let’s head over to version 5.1 and see what this version will bring to us.

For V5.1

Select version 5.1 from the settings command. 

For V5

Upload the image by clicking [+] and proceed to copy the image address, and then use the command /imagine. Paste the URL to the prompt area, and give your prompts, if any. 

Here the prompt I use is: fire, aggression, power, no person –iw 2 –s 250

The results I got are as follows.

For V5 Midjourney

The same prompts are used to create all the images. From version 4, the negative prompt is used. You can understand how MIdjourney has upgraded in every single version.


How to Upload Photo to Midjourney

The exact process can upload any image in the Midjourney mentioned above for the reference image.

To use a personal image as part of a prompt, upload it to Discord. To upload an image, click the Plus sign next to where messages are typed. Select Upload a File, select an image, and send the message. 

To add this image to a prompt, begin typing /imagine as usual. After the prompt box appears, drag the image file into the prompt box to add the image’s URL. Alternatively, right-click the image, select Copy Link, and then paste the link within the prompt box.

How to Blend Two Images in Mid-Journey

After learning to insert reference images in Midjourney, you can fully use the blending tool to express your imaginative abilities.

Blending images will allow you to mix two or more photos to create anything new. This article will demonstrate how to blend two or more images to generate another new image.

The options are limitless! So, what are you holding out for? Begin combining right away with us.

  1. Select Command

Type /blend in the message box, and hit enter. 

How to Upload Photo to Midjourney
  1. Upload Images

When you click the /blend command, you will be given two image insert options. Add both images to the blend command pop-up.

You can also add two or more images in the blend command option.

Upload Photo to Midjourney
  1. Get Results

After hitting enter, you will be directed toward the chat area where “Wait to Start” will be written. Stay easy until you get the results.

Midjourney Upload Photo

You can understand how to blend two images From the above image. 

You can add further prompts with these two images and more images with parameters and styles.

You’ll be astonished at the outcomes you may obtain as you explore Midjourney. With a bit of imagination, you can create breathtaking, genuinely unique photos. The more you explore the Midjourney, the more you’ll be amazed to see its results.


Midjourney is a game changer for all artists. The intuitive design makes it simple to create graphics by reacting to directions, making it suitable for both beginners and pros. Artists may bring their thoughts to life with breathtaking pictures and explore new imaginative possibilities using word prompts and reference photos.

Users may also use the blending tool to combine numerous pictures to create unique and attractive artwork. Midjourney unleashes the possibility for endless creation, providing artists with a vital instrument for expressing themselves and pushing the boundaries of their artistic endeavours.


What must be the image format of the reference image?

The image must be in jpg, png, gif, or web format.

When using a reference image, do I need to prompt something explicit like the “use the person in the image” type of prompt?

No, just prompt as though the image isn’t there.



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