How to Delete Images on BlueWillow – Expert Guide

Delete Images from Bluewillow

If you have created an unwanted image or posted an image that is against the privacy or policies of Bluewillow and is now looking for a method of deleting that image from BlueWillow, you got it here. 

How to Delete Images on BlueWillow

Deleting images from BlueWillow ai is the easiest thing a user can do. All you have to do is select the image, right-click it, and delete the message. 

Let’s discuss the steps to delete any images you have generated on Blue Willow.

Head to BlueWillow Server

After creating your Blue Willow account, invite the BlueWillow bot to your server, or if you want to use the main BlueWillow server, head to that server where you have generated your image already.

bluewillow server

Select Picture 

Select the picture that you want to delete. 

If you are accessing the BlueWillow discord server from your mobile, then long press your selected image. 

If you use the BlueWillow Discord server from a PC, right-click to see the options.

Bluewillow Image

Delete Message

You will find all options like pin image or save but select “delete message “.

How to Delete Images on BlueWillow

Make sure to select the right image that you want to delete from the BlueWillow discord server. 

Yes, to confirm.

After clicking on delete, it will confirm your decision, and click on yes if you are using BlueWillow on mobile. Or if you are using it on PC, press delete again.

Bluewillow Image Delete Confrim
Bluewillow Image Delete Confirm Message

That’s it, and you are all done. 

Check your Inbox

Check your inbox or BlueWillow gallery to ensure the delete action has been done.

There is another method too for deleting the image from BlueWillow. 

Another Method for Deleting BlueWillow Image 

The easiest way to delete any image from BlueWillow is given below.

When you gneerate the image, you are given with different option right below the resultant image.

Bluewillow Cross Button

Click on the cross button to delete the image right away from the feed and BlueWillow gallery.


This article gives you a straightforward guide on deleting unwanted images from BlueWillow, according to the platform’s privacy and policies. You can use images for BlueWillow commercial use, but be conscious of the platform on which you are using your image. 

You may visit another easy guide for Bluewillow subscription and BlueWillow commands for easy and diverse use of BlueWillow. 


How long does it take for an image to be deleted from BlueWillow?

Once you delete an image from your account, it will be permanently removed from Bluewillow’s servers within a few minutes.

What if I accidentally delete an image?

If you accidentally delete an image, you can contact BlueWillow support to see if they can help you recover it. However, there is no guarantee that they will be able to do so.

Can I delete images that I have shared with other users?

No, you cannot delete images you shared with other users. Once you share an image, it is no longer under your control. 


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