How to Charge Fitbit Without Charger? Ultimate Guide with Best Solutions

Fitbit Troubleshoot

The battery on your Fitbit is running low, and there’s no charger in. Sight!! Don’t be worried; we’ve got you set. Life sometimes throws us unexpected challenges, but that doesn’t mean we must compromise our health goals.

In this exciting guide, we’ll show you some clever ways to charge your Fitbit without a charger, so you can stay on track and motivated to achieve your fitness goals. 

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Prepare to charge and power on without the need for a standard charger!

Multiple Methods to Charge Fitbit Without Charger

When the charger is nowhere to be found, these clever ideas keep your Fitbit charged. Learn how everyday objects and a little creativity can charge your fit bit with the energy it needs.”

1- Charge Fitbit Using a Wall Charger

If you have lost your cable of Fitbit, you can use the wall charger to charge your Fitbit. So let’s get into how you can charge Fitbit using a wall charger.

Prerequisites for charging Fitbit with Wall Charger

Ensure you have a UL-certified USB wall charger or converter before directly charging your Fitbit with a Wall charger. 

Access a nearby power outlet, and apply the genuine Fitbit device charging cord. 

Fitbit Charge

Tip: To maintain a consistent power supply, avoid cheap wall chargers, which may not provide a regular energy supply. 

Steps to Charge a Fitbit using a Wall Charger.

Follow these steps to avoid issues when charging Fitbit using the wall charger.

  • Place the USB end of Fitbit cable into the wall charger and insert your Fitbit device gently into the charging wire socket or dock.
  • Ensure your device’s charging contacts are securely connected to the cable adapter.
  • Connect the USB adaptor to a power source.
  • Check the battery % display to ensure the charging of your Fitbit device.

2- Charge Fitbit Using Power Banks

Power Banks Can Improve Your Fitbit Charging Experience. Make sure to allow a supply of outlets to hold you back. Join us as we discover the world of power banks, where comfort meets durability. 

Discover how this connection changes how you charge your Fitbit without a charger, giving you more freedom and flexibility.”

Prerequisites for charging Fitbit using Power Banks

  • Ensure you have a high-quality power bank.  
  • Fitbit charging cable from an authorised supplier.
Fitbit Using Power Banks

Steps to Charge Fitbit using Power Banks

A power bank will be helpful if you can’t access a wall charger or an electrical outlet nearby!  Simply connect your Fitbit to the portable power bank and enjoy it while it recharges.

  • Place your Fitbit device into the charging cord holder.
  • Power bank and Fitbit cable will then be connected securely. 
  • Your Fitbit device will begin charging once you’ve set up a secure connection.

3-How to Charge Fitbit with Laptop or PC Port

Your charged Laptop or PC ports can also function as a power source to charge your Fitbit device. Let’s see how.

Prerequisites for charging Fitbit using Laptop or PC Port.

Laptop and PC ports are valuable for charging smartphones and other devices. They are also used for Fitbit. Ensure mentioned things when using Laptop and PC port. 

  • A fully charged laptop or a running PC. 
  • a Fitbit Charging Cable. 
Charge Fitbit with Laptop

Steps to Charge Fitbit using Laptop or PC port. 

Another simple and fast way to charge your Fitbit device is to use the charging capabilities of a laptop or PC.

  • Ensure your laptop or PC is powered on and ready to use.
  • Place your Fitbit in the charging pin of your laptop.
  • Enter the USB end of Fitbit cable into the Pc or laptop’s port.
  • Check the Fitbit device battery level, as it might be slow compared to the wall charger.

4- Charge Fitbit with DIY Fitbit Charger

You can make your own DIY Fitbit charger if creativity and practicality run in your blood. Although this method needs work, it is an excellent alternative if you still need the original Fitbit charger.

Prerequisites for charging Fitbit by DIY Fitbit charger

If you fail to access the above methods, you can customise your charger for a Fitbit device.

  • Any typical USB data wire.
  • A nail cutter, scissors, sticky tape and a sharp knife.
DIY Fitbit Charger

Steps of DIY Fitbit Charger

Make a Fitbit charger from scratch. Don’t worry if you’re not a mechanic; this technique is straightforward. 

  • Firstly, cut the data cable connector with a nail cutter or a scissor to show the inner wires.
  • You will be shown two cables, i.e. red and black cables. These two will only be used to charge your Fitbit. You can safely cut the remaining wires.
  • Strip the ends of the red and black wires to reveal the metal below it. 
  • Now, look at the three terminals on the back of your Fitbit device.
  • Connect the black wire to the terminal closest to the side button on the Fitbit device and the red wire to the connector closest to the Fitbit’s side button.
  • Secure the wires to the terminals with adhesive tape to establish secure connections.
  • Connect the data cable’s USB end to a wall charger, battery bank, or laptop/PC.

5- Charge Fitbit Using Rechargeable Batteries

“Utilise rechargeable batteries as a resource for your Fitbit.” Discover how these powerful companions bring your smartphone to life, ensuring continuous tracking and motivation on your journey.”

Prerequisites for charging Fitbit by using rechargeable batteries.

Only a few Fitbit devices, such as the Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One, support replacement batteries. These supporting batteries can be helpful while you’re on the go. But these batteries only work with specific Fitbit models, i.e. Fitbit Zip, Fitbit One, and others.

Charge Fitbit Using Rechargeable Batteries

Many versions have non-replaceable, rechargeable batteries, including the Fitbit One, Inspire HR, Alta, Ace 2, Ionic, Charge, and Versa 3. If you need clarification on the type of battery in your Fitbit, you can always contact the Fitbit team. 

If your Fitbit model supports this battery feature, just replace the battery by following these simple steps:

  • Switch off your Fitbit.
  • Open the back cover to get to the battery area on your Fitbit.
  • Change the old battery with a new one.
  • Restart your Fitbit device.

Can you Charge a Fitbit with a Phone Charger?

Charge a Fitbit with a Phone Charger

Yes, you can charge Fitbit with a phone charger. However, it depends on a few conditions. You can use charging cables, but every cable is designed specifically for its device. It may become more complicated with Fitbit.

Moreover, you may exchange the wall chargers and your mobile phone adapters for Fitbit devices if your charger connects via USB. 

How to Charge Fitbit Inspire HR Without a Charger?

The different Fitbit Inspire editions have been an example of their practicality and endless benefits over the past few years. However, the lack of a nearby charging wire may prevent this effortless experience.

Even without the original charger, you can charge your Fitbit Inspire HR by following these instructions.

Charge Fitbit Without Charger

Step 01 

As the first step, get a regular USB cable and gently cut it with scissors. Once the red and black wires are entirely disclosed, move on to the next step.

Step 02

Attach the exposed wires to your Inspire HR Fitbit’s electrical connections. If the connection is reliable, a charging alert should show right away.

Step 03

Stick the wires to the Fitbit firmly using tape after displaying the charging indicator.

How to Charge Fitbit Charge 4 Without a Charger?

The charging of Fitbit Charge 4 is also easy and similar to other Fitbit devices. So follow the instructions below to solve the problem if your Fitbit Charge 4 is about to run out of battery.

Step 01

Make use of the USB port. Take the Fitbit’s supplied cord from the device and place it into a USB wall charger.

Step 02

Arrange your charging contacts, then wipe and clean them with wet cotton with alcohol.

Tip: Clean the Fitbit Charging contacts, so any problem can be fixed by improving charging performance.

Step 03

Connect the Fitbit device with a USB wall charger, and note the battery increase %.

How to Charge Fitbit 5 Without Charger?

Unique Charging Techniques for Your Fitbit Charge 5 are explained in this guide. Make sure to clean all ports and follow the steps.

Charge Fitbit 5 Without Charger

Method 01

  • Connect a charging cord with a USB port to your Fitbit Charge 5. It’s essential to use a wall USB charger to ensure quick and secure charging.
  • Start charging your Fitbit Charge 5 by connecting the USB cable, and let it stay connected for several hours.

Method 02

  • Use a power bank or other wireless charging options if USB charging fails to guarantee a proper charge.
  • Cleaning the charging connections is another option, as it may improve charging efficiency and result in a greater charge level.

How to Charge Fitbit Versa Without Charger?

If you are facing a battery drain issue in Fitbit Versa, Use the holders to charge the Fitbit Versa. Here are some hacks to charge your Fitbit and versa without Charger.

Step 01

Most businesses provide an adapter for charging Fitbit devices. Ensure the stand and electrical cords are correctly positioned as you place the device to charge.

Step 02

Connect the watch to a wall power to charge the Fitbit source once it is safely positioned in the carriage. Any readily available USB connection can be used for this.

Step 03

  • As the Fitbit charging process is observed, apply slight pressure to the lower sides of the cradle, where the finger holes are. If it is operating successfully, let the charging continue.

How To Check If The Fitbit Watch Is Charging?

If you’re trying to charge your Fitbit watch without a charger, you might be in doubt whether it’s actually charging.There are numerous ways to determine this.

  • When the watch vibrates while charging, it is charging.
  • A Charging Icon Is Visible:This proves the watch is recharging.
  • You Spot An Icon Of A Lightning Bolt:This shows that a USB cord is being used to charge the watch. When the watch is charging, the green light on the watch will turn on.
  • The Watch Will Beep: The watch will beep while it is charging. – When the battery is charging, the battery icon will turn yellow. –
  • As The Battery Icon Flashes:This proves the watch is recharging. A lightning bolt will appear next to the battery icon when the watch is being charged through a USB cable.


Finally, you have learned to charge your Fitbit without a regular charger. You can use any of the techniques mentioned to charge your device. 

Stay motivated and use any power banks, computers, and your solutions to ensure your Fitbit never runs out of energy again. However, these methods are straightforward and can provide a temporary treatment when your Fitbit’s battery life is short.


Can I charge my Fitbit without the original charger?

While you are advised to use the original Fitbit charger, you may use a compatible USB cable and power source. Find a USB cable that fits the charging port on your Fitbit Is and use it to connect the device to a computer, a USB wall adapter, or a power bank.

Remember that using a non-Fitbit charger may result in poor charging performance and may cause harm to the device, so use this approach carefully and with caution.

If I don’t have the charger, are there any other ways I can charge my Fitbit?

Although it is advised to use the device’s original charging cable, some users have experimented with inventive ways as alternatives, such as utilising a magnetic charger that fits the device’s charging contacts or a charging dock made for related devices. 

These techniques, though, are not recommended by Fitbit and may endanger your safety or harm your device. To preserve the durability and operation of your Fitbit, it’s crucial to employ prudence and give authorised charging methods top priority.

Can the Fitbit Versa be recharged without the included charger?

There is no other charging option available for the Versa 2 model; charging may only be done by attaching the charger unit. Although the Fitbit mobile app allows you to measure your steps, putting the Fitbit on your wrist is still the most accurate way to track your activity.


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