How to Change Instagram Notification Sound? An Ultimate Guide

How to Change Instagram Notification Sound

Create a fresh mood for your Instagram experience by altering the notification sound; turn each “ding” into a unique music that captures your own sense of fashion and personality. 

With a small adjustment, you may improve your social relationships and turn every notification into a pleasant surprise.

Read this simple guide to learn how to change those dull notification noises and get rocking to a whole new level of excitement whenever you get an update.

A Guide to Change Instagram Notification Sound

To change Instagram notification sound, follow a few simple touches to turn those boring beeps into a beautiful piece that reflects your unique sense of style and skill, and express your creativity.

Change Instagram Notification Sound on Android

Make your Android experience your own!Set a unique sound for your notifications by following these simple steps to modify your Instagram experience.

Head to Instagram Profile

To change notifications on Instagram, first open your Instagram account and head to your profile section.

Instagram Profile

Click Instagram Menu Button

Just after logging in, you will see the menu button on the upper right corner of the screen. Click the menu sign.

Instagram Menu Button

Select Settings and Privacy

Select the “Settings and Privacy” button from the display menu at the bottom.

Settings and Privacy

Click Notification Button

It’s time to actually start your process. Select the “Notifications option” under Settings.

Notification Button

Click Additional Options

Select the notification type from the list, such as posts, stories, or comments and scroll down to the point where “Additional options in System Settings” appear. Click that. 

Additional Options

Turn on App Notifications

Make sure your notifications are turned on before Instagram opens your Android’s notification settings menu.

Turn on App Notifications

Tap any Category

Click on any instagram category you wish to change the sound of.

Change Instagram Notification Sound

Click on Sound Option

Scroll the screen a bit, you will see the sound option, Click the “Sound” button.

Click on Sound Option

Select Sound

Select any ringtone you want to set for that specific instagram notification. 

Select Sound

You are all done.

Change Instagram Notification Sound on IOS

To modify your app experience. Here’s a simple and interesting steps to changing the Instagram notification sound on iOS:

Head to Iphone Settings

Click to your iPhone’s settings like a researcher finding a treasure store of customisation options. Unlock your creativity and personalise your device!

Select Sounds

Select “Sounds” and “Sounds & Haptics” from the menu under “Settings.” then either “Text Tone”.

Instagram Iphone Settings

Select Text Sounds

Select the Text Sounds to change the notification sound of Instagram. 

Select Text Sounds

Choose a New Sound

Select a new sound notification from the available choices.

Choose a New Sound

When you’re finished, close the menu.

Troubleshooting Sound Issues

The above instructions only function with specific Android devices. You have to find your sound settings using the settings menu on your device if it doesn’t work.

On a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Android doesn’t have an approach that fits all users. This means that while the instructions listed below may directly apply to you, there may be some differences depending on your device.

Check Device Sound Settings

  1. Open the settings section of your Android device.And check your device sound setting option .
  2. Go to “Apps & Notifications” under “Settings,” then “Notifications.” 
  3. To change your notification sounds, go for “Default Notification Sound” and select a different sound.
  4.  Try “Sounds and Vibration” and choose a different sound for your notifications if they are not shown.

 Reinstall Instagram App

  1. If your Instagram app isn’t working, install a fresh copy and check to see how the notification sound can be changed easily.
  2. To do this, look for Instagram in the app store on your smartphone and select “Uninstall” or “Delete” from the menu. 
  3. Reinstalling the software will ensure you have the most recent version with the best features while regularly correcting problems.


You can now add an element of personality and style to your social media journey by following these easy steps. Never miss an opportunity again thanks to notifications that are customised for you.

Make your Instagram world sound exactly how you want it to and you’ll have a more interesting and vibrant app experience. Enjoy the scrolling!


Can I use custom sounds for Instagram notifications on iOS?

Customising notification sounds for specific apps like Instagram is not directly supported in the current iOS version. Only a pre-defined collection of notification sounds is available in your device’s settings.

Will adjusting the Instagram notification sound have an effect on the sounds of other apps?

No, changing the Instagram notification sound only impacts the sound that plays when you receive Instagram app alerts. It will have no effect on the notification noises of other apps on your iOS device.

Why can’t I find the “Sound” setting in Instagram?

If you haven’t authorised notifications for the app in your device settings, the “Sound” option in Instagram settings may be unavailable. Go here to turn on this.


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