How To Cancel Bluewillow Subscription – Best Step by Step Guide

Bluewillow Subscription Cancel

Some users want new things every day when they pay for any app, and some explore independently and make people wonder. So if you are one of those users who wants something new every day and is not getting the right thing, We have a guide for you.

Let us assure you that you can switch from one app to another by cancelling your subscription. If it’s BlueWillow Ai, and you don’t find quality up to mark, or if it gets out of budget, you can seamlessly cancel your subscription. 

This article is all about Cancel BlueWillow Subscription Guide! If you’re tired of subscription hassle and want a go-to solution, you’ve come to the right place. Say goodbye to endless searches, and let us guide you through the process.

Learn handy tips to cancel your BlueWillow subscription. Let’s embark on this journey together!

How To Cancel BlueWillow Subscription

Let’s move forward with the simple cancellation process. Follow these easy steps to cancel your BlueWillow subscription without any hassle.

Find Stripe Customer Portal

You can cancel the BlueWillow subscription through the Stripe Customer Portal, which can be accessed in two ways.

By Invoice Mail

Look for the link in the attached email with your subscription receipt.

By entering Command

Alternatively, use the “/Subscribe” command on BlueWillow discord to access the portal, and click the “here” option to access the login screen.

Cancel BlueWillow Subscription

Access the Login Screen

After doing one of the above things, a login screen will appear. Enter the email address you used at the time of subscription and then click on send

Bluewillow Login Screen Access

Verify Your Email

You’ll receive an email containing a link to access the Stripe Customer Portal. Click on the provided link and log in.


Access the “Manage your Subscription Plan” Page.

Right after login to BlueWillow, you will be directed to the portal. Locate the “Cancel Plan” option and click on it.

Manage your Subscription Plan

Select Cancel Plan

A window will appear showing a summary of your subscription, including the date your current plan will remain active. Click on “Cancel Plan” again to confirm the cancellation.

Select Cancel Plan

Confirm Subscription Cancellation

Proceed with the cancellation process by choosing the reason for the BlueWillow subscription cancellation or giving feedback.

Confirm Subscription Cancellation

After cancelling, you will be returned to the billing screen, where you can renew/update the BlueWillow subscription.

Confirm Subscription Cancellation Bluewillow

Update and Renew BlueWillow Subscription

You can also easily renew or update your BlueWillow subscription by following these quick steps. Keep control of your subscription preferences with ease! 

How to Renew BlueWillow Subscription?

You can only renew you plan after Cancelling the BlueWillow subscription. Follow the steps below to renew your plan. 

Click Renew Plan 

Once you cancel the subscription, you will notice a “Renew Plan” b. Just Just click on it.

Click Renew Plan 

Confirm Renew Plan 

You will see a screen confirming your plan will be renewed, and the renewal date will be specified.

Confirm Renew Plan 

Confirm Plan 

If you wish to continue, click “Renew Plan.” You’ll be taken back to the billing screen.

Confirm Plan 

Click on Update Plan 

You can also update your plan by using the same subscription command. But on the Managing subscription page, you must select the update plan option.

Click on Update Plan 

Select Yearly

To upgrade the plan, select the Yearly option and hit continue button.

Select Yearly

Hit Confirmation

After selecting the yearly billing, you will be upgraded to a new plan, but you must click the “Confirm” button to finalise your decision.



The BlueWillow Cancel Subscription Guide is your ultimate tool to navigate the complexities of subscription easily. With straightforward steps at your fingertips, which helps you to confidently cancel your BlueWillow subscription or even update or renew it with ease.

Regain control of your creative journey and embrace freedom. 


Will I be charged for cancelling my subscription?

No, once you cancel BlueWillow subscription, you won’t be charged further. Your current plan will remain active until the specified date in the subscription summary, and after that, you won’t get any additional charges.

Can I renew my subscription after cancelling it?

Yes! After cancelling, the Stripe Customer Portal will display a “Renew Plan” button which can be used to renew the subscription.

Is there a cancellation fee to cancel your BlueWillow subscription?

BlueWillow does not charge any cancellation fees for ending your subscription. You are free to cancel your plan at any time.


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