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How To Add BlueWillow Bot To Discord Server: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are tired of getting results of your prompts slower and every time your image generates, it disappears within other images, then don’t fret. Here you will learn how BlueWillow can also work on your server.

BlueWillow AI is a text-to-image AI tool that can generate images by adding simple prompts and it works efficiently with very less chances of mistakes. Plus, the good thing is that you can try it for free for the first 25 images. 

Based on first-hand experience, In this article, you will be explained with a step-by-step guide on where to start and how to add the BlueWillow bot to the Discord server and your own server.

Also, if you want to get your hands full on BlueWillow,  you can look up to Blue Willow AI, to access all its detail.

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What Is A BlueWillow Bot?

A BlueWillow bot is an internet bot that operates on human prompts. It acts on given prompts quickly and effectively. 

For example: to generate an image, you add “/imagine prompt:” The Blue Willow bot creates an image by reading the description.

How To Add BlueWillow Bot To Discord Server

But to create an image, you need to sign up on Discord.

What Is A Discord Server?

Discord is a platform for hosting social activities with text, video, and voice chat options. It is divided into servers and many small gatherings.

The servers at Discord are majorly private and have an invite-only space for users and their circles. Any user can create a server and invite anybody on it to socialize.

What Is A Discord Server?

How To Add A BlueWillow Bot To The Discord?

To add the BlueWillow bot to Discord, you must go to the BlueWillow website first, then open Discord and accept the BlueWillow invite. After answering 3 simple questions, you will get the bot on Discord.

Let us see this in detail.

Go To the BlueWillow Website

Type URL www.bluewillow.ai on your internet browser address bar and click “Try now for free.”

Go To BlueWillow Website

Open Discord

After clicking, it will direct you to the Discord platform (if you are operating from a computer), and If you are using it on your mobile phone, it will take you to the Discord app.

Accept Invite

On Discord, you will see a pop-up of an invitation to BlueWillow AI. Click on the “Accept invite” button.


Answer Questions

After you accept the invite, the Discord app will ask you three questions before adding the BlueWillow bot to the Discord. 

Answer three simple questions:

  1. Enabling Notifications.
  2. Choosing another Language.
  3. Subscription of the free trial.

Hit the “Finish” button after selecting your answers.

Bluewillow Ai Languages
Bluewillow Questions
Bluewillow Ai

Access BlueWillow Bot on Discord

After setting up your account, you can access the BlueWillow bot on Discord.

Access BlueWillow Bot on Discord

How To Add BlueWillow Bot To Your Own Server?

A BlueWillow bot can also be added to your own server. All you have to do is access BlueWillow on Discord, select a Rookie channel, click BlueWillow bot, and add it to your server.

Let’s have a look at this extremely easy process of adding a BlueWillow bot to your server. 

Go to BlueWillow Bot

Click on the Blue Willow bot icon.

Add BlueWillow Bot To Your Own Server

Select Rookie Channel Bluewillow

Select any Rookie channel. Click on the top right profile icon to see the BlueWillow bot if you are accessing Discord on mobile.

Select Rookie Channel Bluewillow

Click on BlueWillow Bot

Click on the BlueWillow bot to see the server option.

BlueWillow Bot

Click Add To Server

After clicking on the bot, you will be shown an “Add to Server” button. Click Add to Server.

Click Add To Server

Select Server

Select the server where you want the BlueWillow bot to operate.

Bluewillow Server

Allow Authorize

After selecting the server, allow the authorizing button to give access to your Discord.

Allow Authorize

Head To Your Server

Now head to your server and generate images by entering a prompt into the prompt box.

Head To Your Server


Adding BlueWillow AI to your Discord is very simple. You will be amazed once you pass through this initial setup. Once the BlueWillow bot is added to your server, you can create remarkable AI images.

This article is helpful for you to understand how to add a BlueWillow bot to the Discord server and start your  BlueWillow journey.

So what are you waiting for? Astound the world with your beautiful Art pieces.


Can I run Blue Willow AI without Discord?

No! You must log in to a Discord app or on a Discord platform to run the BlueWillow AI image generator. 

How can I sign up on Discord?

Signing up on Discord is easy. 
Enter your phone or email.
Enter the confirmation code you get on your mobile or email.
Pick a username and password.
Enter your birth date.
Choose a profile picture.
Enter your name.

Is there a BlueWillow App?

No! BlueWillow doesn’t offer any app or software. It can only run through Discord.



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