13 Ways to Fix Instagram Voice Not Playing Issue

Microphone Access For Android

If you are frustrated with frequent Instagram voice issues and wonder how to troubleshoot the problem, then you are at the right place.

You can fix the Instagram voice not playing issue by checking If the Instagram Server Is Down, Force Quit And relaunching the App, and clearing Instagram Cache and data. Moreover, I have discussed 13 different methods to resolve this issue.

Instagram, being a crowded social platform, provides its users with the best and most advanced features. But sometimes, the system gets a bug, or your device has issues playing its features. So, we will provide you with some of the best ways to resolve such issues.

Based on my personal experience, I will expertly lead you through the complex process of troubleshooting and getting those Instagram voice messages back in action while making the journey engaging and informative.

13 Ways to Fix Instagram Voice Not Playing Issue

Let’s have a look at the fixes along with their causes. 

1. Check If Instagram Server Is Down

Sometimes, when the Instagram server is down, it will cause issues with playing the voice of the Instagram feed. Moreover, Instagram’s voice notes and reels are also affected by it.

So, to check if your Instagram server is down, follow these steps.

  • Visit the “Instagram Help” page online.
  • Click on the “Known Issues” section.
  • Select the specified problem you’re having with your app.

Tip: Also, Check Instagram’s official status page for updates on server problems and look at third-party status websites like downdetector.

2. Check Your Volume

Sometimes, users lower the notification volumes to avoid disturbance, which can cause audio problems using applications like Instagram.

Make sure that your device’s volume settings are adjusted correctly and not set to mute. 

Check Volume For the iPhone.

If your iPhone is currently in Silent Mode, you may want to deactivate it to see if this resolves the issue of hearing Instagram voice messages. 

To assess and modify your volume settings, follow these instructions.

Click “Settings” from Apps> Sounds> Increase all volume levels> Recheck the Instagram.

Check If Instagram Server Is Down

Check Volume For the Android

Follow the steps below to resolve the volume issue on your Android devices.

Tap “Menu” from the home screen> Settings> Sounds and Vibrations> Sound from Sound Mode.

Check Volume For the Android

Now, Press any volume Button to adjust the device’s volume> Slide both Media & Call Volumes to full.

assess and modify your volume settings

3. Give Microphone Access To Instagram

When the user restricts microphone access from Instagram, Voice will cause an error in playing on everything on the Instagram feed. 

So, you are being informed of the polished instructions on how to grant microphone access to Instagram.

Microphone Access For iPhone (iOS)

Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone> scroll and tap Instagram> Microphone> Toggle on and off.

Give Microphone Access To Instagram

Microphone Access For Android

Head “Settings” from the home screen> Apps/Application Manager> Instagram> Permissions> Microphone> Toggle Microphone on & off.

Microphone Access For Android

By following these instructions, you’ll smoothly grant Instagram the necessary microphone access, allowing you to use its voice recording and messaging features without interruptions.

4. Uninstall or Reinstall the App

The glitch in the network or the Instagram app can cause volume issues. The best way is to check for volume. If volume is not the issue, then Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram App. 

Here are instructions on how to uninstall and reinstall Instagram.

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram App – iPhone (iOS)

We will start by uninstalling the app first.

Head to Instagram> Long press the app’s icon> Click the “-” icon on the app> hit the delete app.

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram App - iPhone (iOS)

Now, open the “App Store” on your iPhone> type “Instagram“> Hit the Install button.

Instagram app can cause volume issues

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram App – Android

Let’s start the process by uninstalling the app.

Hold the Instagram> head to the uninstall icon. 

Now, let’s move to the reinstallation process of Instagram on your device.

Head to “Google Play Store”> type Instagram> enter> hit install button> open app> enter credentials> hit login.

easily uninstall and reinstall Instagram

Following these steps, you can easily uninstall and reinstall Instagram on your iOS or Android device as needed.

5. Sign Out & Sign In Again

Suppose you have not reinstalled the Instagram App and want to fix the volume issue. You can do this by signing in to the account and then signing in again. 

The instructions below will help you sign out of and back into Instagram.

Sign Out and Sign In Again For iPhone (iOS)

Let’s start the process by signing out the account first.

Head to the Instagram app> tap profile> tap three horizontal lines> Settings> log out.

Sign Out and Sign In Again For iPhone

Now, let’s Sign In Again to your Instagram account.

Open the Instagram app> enter credentials> hit login.

Sign In Again to your Instagram account

Sign Out and Sign In Again For Android 

To sign out from the Instagram app, follow the steps.

Head to Instagram> click Profile> click Hamburger menu> hit settings> Log out.

Sign Out and Sign In Again For Android 

To sign in to Instagram, 

Head to Instagram> enter a username with password> click the login button.

sign in to Instagram

5. Force Quit And Relaunch Instagram

To resolve minor issues or glitches in the Instagram app, you can try a quick fix by force-quitting and relaunching the app. 

On both iOS and Android devices, this process involves closing the app entirely and then reopening it. 

Force quit can often resolve issues like freezing or unresponsiveness, allowing you to continue using Instagram smoothly.

6. Update Instagram App

To ensure that you’re benefiting from the newest features and security enhancements, make it a habit to check for and install updates for the Instagram app through your device’s app store.

This practice guarantees that you’re making the most of Instagram and maintaining the security of your account.

7. Clear Instagram Cache & Data

If your Instagram is hanging and the voice issue is still not resolved, then why not clear your Instagram cache and other data from the app? Clearing your cache will be helpful in resolving your various issues. 

Let’s hop on to the procedure on how you will clear the cache on iPhone and Android devices.

Clear Instagram Cache & Data on iOS/iPhone

Instagram clear cache will remove every saved data from Instagram. So be careful when doing it.

Open iPhone Settings> general> iPhone storage> Instagram> click offload app.

Clear Instagram Cache & Data on iOS iPhone

Clear Instagram Cache & Data on Android

To clear the cache of Instagram on Android devices. You need to follow these steps.

Open Android’s “Settings”> Apps> Instagram> Storage> Clear Cache

clear the cache of Instagram on Android devices

Remember that clearing data will log you out of Instagram, and you’ll need to sign in again when you reopen the app.

8. Check If Mobile Data Use Is Allowed

Sometimes, voice causes an issue in play. Usually, what happens is that audio and video don’t sync well because of network or data issues. 

To find the problem’s solution, whether mobile data is enabled on your smartphone, follow these steps.

Check If Mobile Data Is Allowed on iPhone

On an iPhone (iOS), we will start from the settings.

Head to Settings> Mobile data> Turn on Mobile Data.

Check If Mobile Data Is Allowed on iPhone

Check If Mobile Data Is Allowed on Android.

Same as iPhone, data on Android will be enabled from Settings.

Head to Settings> Connections> Data Usage> Turn on Mobile data.

Fix Instagram Voice Not Playing Issue

Tip: If you turn off the Data Saver feature from Instagram App, Instagram will load higher-resolution images and videos when you’re on a mobile data connection, which may use more data but provide a better viewing experience. 

9. Check Network Issues

Network issues are the most significant cause of Instagram voice not playing errors. When you find any error in your network, you will first notice that Instagram feeds stop and voice loading starts the issue. 

To resolve this, check your internet connection first.

Check your Internet Connection

For Instagram to function smoothly with all its features, having a strong and stable network connection is essential. To ensure your connection’s stability, checking the status of your router, modem, and hubs is a good idea.

Open Chrome> head “ookla”> click the “Run Speed Test”> get the proper network speed status.

If you still find any issues, toggle your router on & off. Refresh the app and start over again.

Switch From Mobile Data To WiFi

Another option for you if your internet connection is not stable is to use mobile data instead of WiFi. 

If you are an iPhone user, you can just slide down the menu bar and click the Wi-Fi button and simultaneously the mobile data button to enable Wi-Fi and turn off Mobile data.

If you are an Android user, you can also slide down the menu bar, turn off the Mobile data, and enable Wifi. 

10. Restart Your Smartphone

Another way to check if Instagram voice playback issues are resolved is to restart your phone. Restart will help refresh system processes and resolve any temporary glitches. 

Here’s how to restart your device.

Restart your iPhone (iOS)

Simultaneously hold the power button and one volume button together> hold them till “slide to power off” appears> slide to turn off> hold the power button to turn on. 

Restart Android

Press and hold the power button on your Android device> “Restart” or “Reboot.”

Restart Android

Once your phone has restarted, open Instagram and play voice messages again to see if the issue has been resolved. 

Restarting your device helps in clearing any temporary glitches that might be affecting app performance.

11. Try Instagram Web Or Instagram Lite App

The Instagram web can be your biggest savior when you come up with voice and other issues.

Try Instagram Web and Instagram Lite to check whether you are able to get a voice on those apps or not. 

Let’s head to the process of accessing the Instagram Web and Instagram Lite.

Use Instagram Web

Open Chrome> head to browser> type Instagram on search bar> select Instagram web> enter username and password> login> check feed.

Try Instagram Web Or Instagram Lite App

Use Instagram Lite

Open Google Play Store> type “Instagram Lite> Install> open app> enter credentials> hit login.

Use Instagram Lite

By trying Instagram on the web or using Instagram Lite, you can find out if the issue is related to the mobile app. 

If voice messages work correctly in these versions, then the problem is with the mobile app. So contact Instagram support for further assistance or wait for app updates.

12. Contact Instagram Support

To report a problem on the Instagram app for Android and iPhone. 

Open Instagram> profile> tap three horizontal lines> Settings and Privacy> Help>  Report a problem.

Contact Instagram Support

Now, describe and report the issue manually.

13. Enable Background App Refresh

Enable the background app refresh for Instagram on your device. The app will update content and notifications even when not actively open. 

Here’s how to enable background app refresh for Instagram on iOS (iPhone) and Android devices.

Enable Background Refresh on iPhone/iOS:

Head Settings> Instagram> Toggle Background App Refresh. 

Enable Background App Refresh

Enable Background Refresh on Android

Background app refresh settings can vary slightly depending on your Android device and version.

Open Settings> Apps> Instagram> Mobile Data> Allow background data usage.

Enable Background Refresh on Android


Is there a way to download Instagram voice messages for offline listening?

No, Instagram doesn’t provide a built-in feature to download voice messages. You can only listen to them within the app.

Why do Instagram voice messages have low volume?

The Instagram voice messages may be low due to the low media volume on your device. Check your device’s volume settings and ensure the media volume is appropriately adjusted.

Are there any known issues with Instagram voice messages?

Instagram occasionally experiences bugs and issues with voice messages. These are usually addressed in-app updates, so keep your app up-to-date.

Can I listen to Instagram voice messages on the web version?

You can hear Instagram voice messages on the Instagram web version. Instagram has incorporated this functionality into its web platform, enabling users to listen to voice messages sent to them via direct messages (DMs) on Instagram’s website. Just open the DM chat with the voice message, and you can play it from the web version.


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