Fitbit Touch Screen not working – Troubleshoot Ultimate Guide

Fitbit Touch Screen Issues

Fitbit user and wondering about its touch screen issues. You might be using it roughly, but if not, then maybe it’s a bug. If still not, then you must be in a humid environment. Let’s not worry about it and start getting its causes and troubleshooting it.

Fitbit is a tracking-based device that helps keep your fitness, health, and lifestyle track. Knowing the importance of Fitbit, It’s a pleasure to use it unless it suddenly stops responding. Nothing can be more frustrating than your tracking device’s worst condition.

What you will get from this whole article is the main reasons why your Fitbit touchscreen is not working, along with its fixes. Rest assured, and lead with us.

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Common Reasons Why Fitbit Touchscreen Not Working

As a Fitbit user, similar cases came to me related to Fitbit not working or it started lagging when tapping the device. There can be several reasons, from how the user uses their device to the device’s authenticity and originality.

So, you don’t need to fret because let’s start digging into its leading causes. So you can avoid them when dealing with your Fitbit devices.

1. Covered Fingers Or Dirty Fingers

One of the primary reasons that your Fitbit touchscreen is not working can be your finger’s condition. 

You may be dealing with your Fitbit device with dirty hands and fingers. Or you may be in a cold environment where you are using a Fitbit device with gloves on it.

2. Moisture Screen

Another reason that can cause your Fitbit touchscreen issues is water droplets on the screen. If your Fitbit screen has no protectors, then any kind of moisture will cause problems in working with Fitbit. 

Moisture on the screen includes sweat, moisturized hands, and a humid environment. These types of humidity will make your Fitbit screen performance not only poor but also disturb accuracy.

3. Poor Screen Protector

If you have not changed your Fitbit screen protector for a long time, and your Fitbit touchscreen starts lagging. It must be because your screen protector condition is not good and you need to change it. 

Poor or broken screen protectors will lead to poor performance and unwanted working on a device. Unresponsive working is also a sign of the worst protector, which affects the level of sensitivity.

4. Physical Damage

Your Fitbit device can be physically damaged, which leads to a poor effect on the surface of the screen.

Suppose your Fitbit device accidentally slips from a height but works well for a certain time. After a specific time, if your Fitbit contains touchscreen issues, they may be because of the physical damage. 

5. Fitbit Screen Becomes Frozen

You might find a frozen screen a minor issue or a temporary one, but you need to take action as soon as possible if you find your screen frozen frequently. 

Fitbit screen freezes due to background running software and some background technical faults. This issue will be solved by restarting the software.

6. System Abnormality

Sometimes, the system in the device crashes suddenly. It might be due to software containing bugs. In this matter, consult the repair shop.

7. Fitbit System Glitch

The Fitbit system glitch is similar to the frozen screen. Your system might lag and show errors, or it might get overloaded.

Don’t get stuck there; just restart your system. Restarting your system cleans the screen from unwanted files and errors.

8. Display Brightness is Too Low

Many people complain that their Fitbit screen is not working. Sometimes, you enabled auto-brightness, which made the screen set its brightness itself based on the environment. 

If you are not comfortable with auto-brightness, head to settings and switch off the screen’s automatic mode.

9. Fitbit Have Low Power

Your Fitbit screen might have low power so the device may shut down without warning or alert. No matter how long you press the power button. It will not start and cause touch issues.

10. The Screen is Not On Wake Mode

Sometimes, your Fitbit needs little effort, like just restarting it to get its screen, recharging it fully, or updating the system. Hence, it involves any kind of external, internal, or technical issues.

In this case, wake-up mode should be turned on. So, it automatically lights up when you twist or raise your wrist. Hence, it can be turned on by tapping the quick setting.

How to Fix When Fitbit Touch Screen Not Working

You get all the causes of why your Fitbit touchscreen is not working. To resolve these cases, we have combined solutions to fix your Fitbit device.

Resolving these issues will reasonably impact your device. 

Fitbit Touch Screen not working

1. Charge Fitbit to 100% 

First thing, make sure you always have a charged device. A low-power battery is one of the reasons for an unresponsive screen and may affect your device’s efficiency and performance.

So charge your battery to 100%; if the power button doesn’t appear on the screen after connecting to the cable, change its line.

2. Change Damage Screen Protector

As I told you, a poor protector can cause your device’s touchscreen issues. So, the damaged protector must be changed before further damage.

3. Water Lock Mode is Should Off

You must turn off the water lock. The enabled water lock causes the low functionality of screen touch and responsiveness. 

The very first thing you should do is clean your device, let it dry, double-tap the screen, and turn off the water lock option. 

4. Take care of your Device’s Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a fundamental manner, whether it’s about your care or device. It helps prevent internal or external issues.

For external care, switch off your device first, then use a good-quality tinner. Dip a soft cloth, brush into the tinner, and clean your Fitbit device properly. Let it dry and wear it.

5. Switch Fitbit from Clock to Standard Mode

To fix your Fitbit touchscreen issues, you need to switch your Fitbit device setting from clock to standard mode. How??

Let’s head it. 

Head to gallery> Tap Profile> Click Clock faces> tap Sync.

6. Check Display Brightness Setting

Sometimes, due to low brightness, your touchscreen may not be working properly. So, setting your device display setting on a high level is a must.

For this, you need to head to the Fitbit Settings tab> tap on top> Set brightness to high.

7. Wake/Automatic Mode Should be On

Make sure your Fibit wake mode should be turned on. In this, people complaining about their Fitbit touch screen not working is also one leading cause.

Quick Setting Option

  1. For Iconic and Fitbit Versa lite edition, swipe the Fitbit screen down to the top.
  2. For the Fitbit Sense Series, swipe from the right to the clock face.
  3. For Fitbit Charge and Inspire Series, press and hold the button by tapping on the Screen Wake.
  4. Tap on the Icon that looks like the Screen Wake Option.

8. Update Fitbit 

If you tried every solution and nothing worked out, check the Fitbit update. Updating Fitbit will solve many of your problems related to security, system performance, speed, and efficiency of software and remove bugs.

Sometimes, the Fitbit update doesn’t help with the touchscreen issue as it regularly releases updates related to new features.

9. Try to Close all the Apps running on Fitbit

Multiple apps running on a Fitbit at a time also make your Fitbit freeze. As a result, your Fitbit touchscreen doesn’t work and causes the system to crash.

If this issue is with one specific app, it might be due to the app containing a bug that causes it to freeze the system. So, you can’t blame the third-party tool or Fitbit device. 

10. Try Restarting Fitbit

Restarting is a go-to solution for every issue related to devices. When you restart Fitbit, many unwanted apps close automatically, and the system becomes light.

The power button will appear when you tap on the screen> click Restart.

Restart Fitbit Sense, Versa Series, Iconic, and Blaze

  • For the Fitbit Sense, Versa, Iconic, and Blazedevicese, click and hold the power button present on the right/bottom side for 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button when the Fitbit logo appears on the screen.

If the Fitbit device doesn’t restart, then remove the case of the Fitbit and try again.

Restart the Fitbit Tracker Charge Series and Fitbit Inspire

  • Attach the tracker to its charger.
  • Press the power button and hold for 10 seconds until the smiley face appears.
  • Release the button. 
  • For the Charge 5 model, press the button at least 3 times and take the 1-second gap between each press until you see the smiley face appear on the screen.

Restart Fitbit Charge 2 and 3

  • Connect Fitbit Charge 2 and 3 to their charger.
  • Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, then release it.
  • Remove your Fitbit from the charger and wait for 5 seconds.
  • Reconnect the device to the charger until you see the smiley face appear on the screen.

11. Try Reset Factory

Factory reset of any device clears all the encrypted data from it. It is pretty beneficial for a new start for a machine, but you should keep a backup before the factory reset your Fitbit device.

Head to Settings> About> Factory Reset

12. Contact the Fitbit Customer Support 

If your Fitbit touchscreen doesn’t work after any of the mentioned fixtures, then you must contact Fitbit customer support. 

Moreover, send your Fitbit device to the Repair shop. It may be of Hardware default so that they can replace your Fitbit because of the unavailability of spare parts.

Does your Fitbit have a Warranty?

It is your luck if Fitbit still has a warranty. Because with the warranty, you will get your device replaced and get your issue resolved with a brand-new device. 

You can contact Brand Customer Support. They will assist you with this issue. If the issue is not fixed, then you can avail of a replacement opportunity. Warranty cards vary from country to country.

Tips to Fix Fitbit Touchscreen Not Working

After having all the causes and fixtures of the Fitbit touchscreen, let’s have a look at some tips that you must ensure while dealing with your device.

1. Update Fitbit Firmware

You must update your Fitbit with every recent update to avoid any malware and bug in your device. To check firmware updates, you have to access the Fitbit app. 

Go to the Fitbit app> tap Account Icon> Select Fitbit version> Follow the instructions. 

You can check the updates for your iPhone Store and Google Play Store. But unfortunately, it’s not available for Mac or Windows.

Another way to check for the latest firmware update

Open Fitbit App> Connect it to the Bluetooth> Open Profile Icon> Device name option> If there is any update, it will appear there> Ping to message box> Tap update> Follow the instructions.

2. Avoid installing from any third-party app sources

Try to avoid installing any apps from third-party sources. Always used the trusted Fitbit App for app updates, etc.

Another Common Issue Linked to Fitbit Touchscreen Not Working

When you face the Fotbit touchscreen issues, you might face some other problems linked to the screen. Let’s fix these problems.

1. Syncing with Android Phone

Bluetooth trackers are not a reliable technology. And if you want to sync your Fitbit device with Android, the only option you have is Bluetooth. 

Your Android phone may not sync with your Fitbit. To accomplish this, ensure that the Fitbit app is installed on both your device and phone and that it is also connected to Bluetooth.

Head to Settings on both Fitbit and Android> Enable Bluetooth on both Fitbit and Android.

2. Notification Issue

Mostly, trackers connected to Android phones do not receive notifications. In this case, restart the trackers and make sure your Bluetooth is connected because sometimes Bluetooth needs to be changed.

Head to Profile on your Smartphone> Notification> Enable Notification> Turn on Notification based on your requirement.

3. Button and Touchscreen Tap Issues

Fitbit Devices have both physical and touchscreen tap button availability. Sometimes, the screen becomes unresponsive, and the physical button is damaged. 

So, in this case, make sure your Fitbit water lock mode is off. If it stays on, it will affect the screen responsiveness.

4. Using poor Quality Cable or Charging Issues

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that your Fitbit device battery is still low even after charging it the whole night. 

In this case, purchase a good quality charging cable. Try to plug your Fitbit device into different USB ports.


By doing different research and by a mean experiment of using a Fitbit device, I conclude that all the solutions and tips will help you a lot in running your Fitbit well. Always start with an easy troubleshooting step first. If it does not work, then go to the complex troubleshoot.

In case all methods fail, then don’t hesitate to consult with Fitbit Customer Support. Feel free to ask.


Why did my Fitbit touchscreen become unresponsive after I took a shower or came from swimming?

Your Fitbit device might get unresponsive when you get back from the shower or swimming. It is because you forgot to turn off the Fitbit water lock mode. Let the device dry, and then turn the Water lock mode off. 

How Do I Fix My Fitbit Touchscreen?

First, know the reason it is due to software technical issues or physical damage. In case of technical software issues, restart, uninstall, update, or reset the Fitbit app. 

For physical damage, change the broken protector and take care of the cleanness of your Fitbit Device.

Can my existing Fitbit device easily be replaced with a new one?

Yes, you can exchange your Fitbit device with a new one depending on the warranty condition purchased. In case of physical damage or the absence of spare parts, customer support can guide you or replace it as well with the old one.

Why has my Fitbit touchscreen stopped tapping?’

Check your Fitbit battery level and restart it. If it still doesn’t work, then consult the repair shop.



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