Fitbit for Small Wrist – All You Need To Know About Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit for small wrist

Wearing a Fitbit can be fascinating for your little ones. If you are a Health-conscious parent, there is a probability your little one will follow it, too, because Your child copies and imitates you rather than anyone.

Fitbit has launched an intelligent tracker for kids above six years, Aiming to bring awareness of good health from a very young age. This tracker has impressive features with good battery life. And it will be a good purchase for your little one.

If you have already bought Fitbit for your kid and are considering which features will benefit your family, you are at the right place. You will find here all the features you need to know about Fitbit for small/tiny wrist: Fitbit Ace 3.

Fitbit For Small Wrist – Smallest Fitness Tracker for Kids

Which Fitbit is best for small wrists? Well, Fitbit for small wrist refers to those tiny hands where parents have to indulge their kids in healthy habits through fun activities. 

It is designed especially for kids with a durable and comfortable silicon strap that allows them to move all day long.

Here are some more unique features to look at. Let us see them in detail.


Fitbit Ace 3 helps your kid to keep track of your child’s health, offering the following features.

1. Sleep Tracker

Proper sleep is essential for your kid’s mental and physical upbringing. Most of the growth sprouts occur in sleep. The kids who sleep well tend to be more mindful and active than others.

Fitbit Ace 3 allows you to check your little one’s sleep. How much rest are they getting, and what could be the possible reasons if they are restless?

2. Reminders And Alarms

You can make your child responsible by giving a sense of reminders and alarms. Fitbit Ace 3 offers silent bedtime reminders and alarms that give vibration and buzz to their wrist, making them punctual and authoritative.


Physical fitness plays an essential role at every age. Fitbit Ace 3 is superb in delivering fitness features as follows.

1. Water Resistant

With a child, you cannot be attentive all the time. A kid’s nature is carefree, and that is what makes it beautiful. With Fitbit Ace 3, you don’t have to worry about showers, water spills, and splashes as it is water resistant.

Besides this, Fitbit Ace 3 is great for swimming in pools and oceans, as it can go up to 50m underwater.

2. Reminders To Move

Fitbit Ace 3 sends hourly reminders to move. It can help your child stretch their body if sitting for too long. You can always set up the steps and hours according to your needs. Two hundred fifty steps per hour is recommended for a happy, healthy body.

3. Daily Activity Tracking

Fitbit Ace 3 tracks your child’s day activities. If it is a jump or a roll, Fitbit tracks it by catching the higher heart rate, giving you an insight into how active they are when not in front of you.

Fitbit for Small Wrist


There are some innovative and efficient features that Fitbit Ace 3 offers. Let us see this in detail.

1. Fitbit App Parent View

As a parent, you must always be concerned about your child’s health. The parents can set up a family account through Fitbit Ace 3 and view their activities efficiently. Besides this, parents can also keep an eye on their child’s connections and help them approve new ones.

2. Fitbit App Kid View

Other than parents’ view of their child’s Fitbit Ace 3, there is an option where your child can also view their accounts. Kids above 6+ years of age can see their statistics, daily badges, and clock faces; they can also customize the tracker according to their likings.

3. Fitbit App Wireless Sync

Fitbit Ace 3 also offers wireless synchronization. It can connect to 200+ Android and iOS so that a parent can fully understand kids, their health, and activities.

4. Fitbit App Notifications

With Fitbit, being in touch with your little one is more accessible. When kids reach the point of owning a smartphone, they would love to get notifications on their wrist. Fitbit notifies you of your calls, messages, and calendar updates.

You can always choose what you want to see on your tracker.

5. 8 Days Battery Health

Kids are carefree by nature. Keeping that in mind, Fitbit Ace 3 offers a battery Health up to 8 days through which kids spend less time charging their devices and keep moving.

Moreover, the guide on How to Charge Fitbit Without a Charger may help to charge it in difficult times.

6. Fun Incentives

Awards and unique clock faces help in motivating an individual to fitness. Fitbit Ace 3 encourages kids with virtual badges, livened clock faces, and avatars to move.

7. Timer And StopWatch

Your child can use a timer and stopwatch by just tapping the tracker. The timers can help your child to be responsible, for example, coming back from the park on time or guidance at homework time, etc.

8. Stats On Your Wrist

Your child can see the statistics of the day on their wrist. Stats will help them know their activity and notify them when they need to move.

Fitbit for Small Wrist

Design And More

Fitbit Ace 3 has a unique design that is comfortable and looks good. Let’s see all the features of invention and more.

1. Comfy And Secure

The Fitbit Ace 3 is made with a silicone band, keeping Kids in mind. It is secure, sleek, and trimmed with an adjustable clasp, giving freedom to hand movements.

2. Clock Faces

Animation Always attracts the children. The Fitbit Ace 3 offers cute clock faces right on your wrist. It can be a rocket, a bunny, and more that animates and acts as they move more and make progress.

3. Bands And Accessories

The Fitbit Ace  3 bands are adjustable and replaceable. Your kids can easily change the band and replace them with something fun, like bands of cartoon characters, etc.

4. Streamlined Design And Touch Screen

The Fitbit Ace 3  is a kid-friendly smallest Fitbit tracker with a backlit display, making it easy for kids to use and see activities.


Fitbit is a fantastic invention to track your health in a fun way. It is a valuable creation for kids to keep them moving in this era where kids are always on their iPads and mobile screens, making it difficult to move.

Let the best Fitbit be for a small wrist the following Christmas present.


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