Download Bulk Images From Midjourney – A Step-by-Step Guide to Save Your all Innovations

Download Bulk Images From Midjourney

You have created a lot of images on Midjourney and now want to download all of your photos in bulk from Midjourney but wondering how to download them all at once.

If so, then here’s some good news for you!! Midjourney has recently updated its user interface, and finally, you can download bulk images from Midjourney all at once.

Using its new update, you can save time and view your fascinating gallery in one go.

How to Download Bulk Images from Midjourney

You can download bulk images from Midjourney through an open downloader. To reach it, first, you have to access Midjourney’s website, then the gallery, and finally to the “open downloader.” There you go for downloading all of your images. 

Based on my first-hand experience, let’s jump into the whole process of downloading your bulk images in one go. 

Head to Midjourney Website

Firstly, go to the Midjourney website and sign in to your account.

Download Bulk Images From Midjourney

Allow Authorization

Before signing in, authorize the Midjourney bot to access your information.

Head to Midjourney Gallery.

Select the “archive” button at the top right corner of the main screen of Midjourney. All your images are here; you can download bulk images from Midjourney website gallery.

Select the Images

You came to this article to learn how to download bulk images from Midjourney, so choosing images one by one will be stupidity. 

So select images by the days of the month with the [+] icon present on the top right side of the screen. Scroll down and select other generated images of different days by clicking the line bar at the left side of the screen.

Click the Open Downloader

Complete your image selection, and tap the “open downloader” button.

Download All Images

After clicking the open downloader button, you will be given a pop-up where your downloading process is split into different batches. 

Select the batch size according to your desired requirement and internet speed; for example, you can make a batch with 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000  images. The most suitable one is 250 images in a batch.

Now select the “download all” button to download bulk images from Midjourney.

All your images will be downloaded in the zip folder, so if you want to access your pictures, you have to unzip the entire folder by right-clicking the folder to extract all of your images. 

With these short 6 steps, you have finally downloaded your art collection.

Troubleshooting in Downloading Bulk Images from Midjourney

Users have created many images on Midjourney, but sometimes they need help when trying to download bulk images from Midjourney. 

This guide will provide some troubleshooting tips to help users resolve these issues. Some most common bugs that users face daily are:

  1.  The downloader is not working.

Sometimes when the user starts to download bulk images from Midjourney, he experiences difficulty downloading as downloading does not occur because the downloader on Midjourney does not work. 

The user clicks on “prepare zip,” but it does nothing.

In that case, what you have to do is to clear the cache or cookies from the Midjourney app. The downloader will start to work when things settle down, and small batches like 20-100 will be downloaded.

  1. Bulk Unpublishing

Users sometimes want to unpublish their images in bulk form from the Midjourney. They don’t find the correct information, but for their ease, I am informing you that the bulk unpublishing feature is just for “pro” plan subscribers.

Pro” plan subscribers can bulk hide their images from the website. If you are a pro plan subscriber, go to the archive page or use select mode in the gallery.

Then quickly select the images, click the “Open Downloader” button, switch it to “Unpublish,” and hit enter.


You have seen how simple and quick it is to download bulk images from Midjourney. You may quickly save your Midjourney photographs to your hard drive by following the instructions in this writing. 

Downloading bulk images can be helpful in terms of your backup, trading images with others, or purely managing your files. I hope this article fulfills your queries, yet if you still have any further questions regarding Midjourney, please mail us at the provided email address. 


What if I don’t see the “Open Downloader” button?

You should have a bar at the bottom with a drop-down with options for what to do with selected images. But still, if you can’t see the open downloader button, try reloading the page and checking your internet connectivity.

What if I get an error message when downloading the images?

If you are getting an error while downloading your images, refresh your Midjourney website or download small batches of images.

Is there any limitation in downloading bulk images from midjourney?

Yes, there is a limit to downloading bulk images from Midjourney. At a time, you can only download 5000 images from Midjourney. You can download your photos in small batches, as small batches work efficiently.

Can I batch-download all of my images?

Members can batch-download images quickly on the website with Select Mode. This mode will be enabled by tapping on it once, which is present at the top right corner of the website.

Do I need an active subscription to download bulk images?

Yes. You need an active subscription to download your images in bulk from Midjourney.

What if I canceled my subscription? Do I lose my access to download bulk images?

You can continue to access your online image gallery even if you’re not currently paying for a plan, but other member features like archive bulk download will not be available.

Why downloading of bulk images is split into batches?

Batch sizes are made to fasten up the downloading process. You should use a smaller batch size for medium internet connectivity and slower devices during your batch selection.

Why can’t I access a zipped folder?

If zip files were not correctly downloaded, they might fail to open. Broken downloads also occur when files become stuck due to a faulty internet connection or an inconsistent wireless connection.


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