Does the Apple Watch Need a Screen Protector?

Apple watch screen protector

In the ever-evolving world of technology, our devices have become indispensable companions. And when it comes to a gem like the Apple Watch, protecting its pristine display is paramount.

Yes, the Apple watch needs a screen protector. Although its screen is water and scratch-resistant, some chemicals may damage its screen. So, it’s better to take preventive measures than destroy the watch.

In this article, I will make you dive into all about the Apple Watch screen protectors. Why should you get one, and of what kind? You will also get to know about why they’re crucial for your Apple Watch. So, Let’s start protecting our wearable gadgets.

Does the Apple Watch Need a Screen Protector for Safety?

The glass of the Apple Watch has a resistance feature that leads many people to wonder if they should get a screen protector or not for their Watches.

According to the Apple Watch’s official remarks, No, you don’t have to get a screen protector for original Apple Watches.

The Watch screen of Apple is built to resist scratches and cracks. The newest model, Series 7, is the toughest one yet, but according to Apple, it’s ‘the strongest one ever.’ So, if you accidentally drop your Apple Watch, it’s less likely to break, but it might still get a scratch.

Just remember, Screen Protectors are just an extra layer of defense, not a guarantee of perfection. Among screen protectors, tempered glass ones are the toughest and provide excellent reinforcement.

However, there have been reports from some Apple Watch users who noticed dents and scuffs on their watches after accidental falls. So, for the safe side, it’s good to have screen protectors on your Apple Watch.

Does the Apple Watch Need a Screen Protector

What Damaged Your Apple Watch Screen?

I have listed down all the things that might damage the screen of Apple Watch based on the reviews of Apple Watch users.

1. Dropping your Apple Watch

Sometimes, accidents happen even when we try to be careful. Your Apple Watch might slip out of your hand while changing clothes, working out, showering, and doing other activities. 

So, it’s essential to be mindful and prevent your watch from taking a tumble.

2. Wearing the Apple Watch When Dealing with Tools

It’s a good practice to skip wearing your Apple Watch when you’re dealing with tools. Tools can be sharp and might cause damage to your watch’s screen. 

3. Usage of Wrong Cloth for Screen Cleaning

We all want to protect our watches and keep them clean, but using the wrong type of cloth can harm the Apple Watch screen. 

It’s best to clean your Apple Watch with a microfiber piece of cloth in a very gentle way. If needed, drop a minimal amount of polishing cream and then wipe it off. 

4. Substances that Damage Apple Watch Screen

Various substances with chemicals and textures can harm an Apple Watch if it doesn’t have screen protection. 

  1. While taking a shower, wearing your watch can be risky because soap, shampoo, and lotions contain toxic chemicals. If your watch already has a cracked screen, soapy water might get inside.
  1. Sand is another potential troublemaker. If it gets on your Apple Watch, it can cause damage. Apple advises cleaning the watch thoroughly if it comes into contact with sand.
  1. Also, dissolved minerals from swimming in the ocean can cause damage with prolonged exposure.

Why Should You Buy a Screen Protector for the Apple Watch?

Even though the Apple Watches are designed for scratch resistance, accidents can still happen. I’ve used an Apple Watch myself and had a few close calls. They are expensive and need protection from hard surfaces.

How do I Choose the Best Screen Protector?

Screen protectors offer that extra shield. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one? And what could happen to your Apple Watch’s screen if you go without protection? 

I have listed down three types of screen protectors you should go with your Apple watches.

1. Plastic screen protector

It is affordable and more reliable. It protects your accessory well from scratches. Simply peel the backing, align it with your watch’s screen, and push out bubbles for a snug fit.

2. Tempered glass screen protector: 

Though a bit pricier, it offers top-notch protection for the screen of the Apple Watch.

3. Screen Protector Case

This option covers the whole watch but may make it look bulkier.”

For a hassle-free choice, I’d recommend the RinoSkin Shield Screen Protector. They offer tempered protectors for all Apple Watch models in various sizes. I picked this one because it’s crafted from military-grade materials used to protect aircraft surfaces.

With this protector, you can expect it to do its job well, and it’s budget-friendly too. Plus, it won’t develop bubbles or turn yellow over time, and it won’t feel sticky.

6 Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors You Should Own

With so many screen protectors for the watches designed by Apple, picking the prime one for your model can be challenging. Here, with so many experiments, I have gathered a few top choices of screen protectors for you.

1. Spigen Proflex EZ Fit 

Spigen Proflex protector comes with transparent screen covers compatible with various models of the Apple Watch. They can work best with the series 4, 5, 6, 7, and SE of Apple Watch. 

It comes with everything you need for easy cleaning – two wipes (dry and wet) and a microfiber towel.

2. TAURI 2 Pack Hard Case

The Pack of Hard Case by TAURI offers the buyers a tempered glass ultra-thin sheet designed for series 3 to 7 and SE of Apple Watches. 

It preserves the original screen and color saturation while providing 99.99% HD clarity. Plus, you don’t need to remove it for charging.

3. PZOZ Case With Screen Protector

The PZOZ Case with Screen Protector is an excellent choice for Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. The PZOZ protectors provide a shield to the whole watch, including its screen and body. 

Users might face applying it on their Watch’s screen, but with some effort, they can easily manage it.

4. LK Touch Sensitive Liquid Screen Protector

LK Touch Sensitive liquid protective is the best choice for your watch. You can buy it for your Series 7 Watch, too, as it offers six separate pieces within its package. So you can replace it with your need of requirements. 

5. IQ Shield Anti Bubble

The IQ Shield is also a liquid protection for your Watch. It comes with four layers, each with its specified feature. One layer is for bonding, another for flexibility and durability, and one layer is especially for preventing from turning the screen to yellow.

6. Smiling Tempered Glass

Smiling Tempered glass screen protectors for Apple watches are of premium quality. You can buy it to cover both the screen and the body of the Watch. It safeguards the screen of the Watch from scratches, drops, and bumps without adding bulk. 


The Apple Watch screen materials vary depending on the model, with the sapphire crystal being the most durable. While they are scratch-resistant, adding a screen protector can provide an extra layer of protection, especially if you lead an active lifestyle.

The choice ultimately depends on your preference and the level of safeguarding you seek for your valuable device.


Do I need a screen protector for my Apple Watch?

The need for a screen protector depends on your model and personal preference. While Apple Watch screens are designed to resist scratches, some users opt for added protection with screen protectors.

What materials are Apple Watch screens made of?

The materials vary by model. Aluminum models feature Ion-x glass screens, while stainless steel and titanium versions come with sapphire crystal displays, known for their scratch resistance.

Are sapphire crystal screens truly scratch-resistant?

Yes, sapphire crystal screens are considered highly scratch-resistant due to their hardness. They are less prone to scratches compared to Ion-x glass.


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