Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery? Causes and Troubleshoot

Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery

You are fond of Apple gadgets, but you don’t trust their life span and working mode. Most importantly, you have missed many moments because of low battery even after buying a renowned branded gadget. Then don’t worry. We have you covered in all aspects.

Based on my first-hand experience, usage intensity, background app refresh, always on display, and older iPhone models are the main causes for Apple watches draining iPhone batteries. To preserve the Apple Watch’s drained iPhone battery, you must keep an eye on Bluetooth management, notification control, and location awareness. Moreover, sometimes background apps, background apps refresh, and Apple Watch updates could also drain the battery.

In addition, the bond between Apple Watch and iPhone users is undeniable. Both devices work in perfect balance due to their shared Apple ecosystem. However, constant pairing can lead to potential iPhone battery drain.

Our journey explores this dynamic, shedding light on these factors and providing useful tips to keep your Apple Watch and iPhone in balance while preserving valuable battery life.

Does Apple Watch Actually Drain iPhone Battery?

The answer to this question is No! Using an Apple Watch will only drain your iPhone’s battery a little bit. The Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone through Bluetooth, which does not consume a lot of power.

However, some factors play a significant role in the drainage of the iPhone’s battery.

Possible Causes of How Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery? 

To let your problem find a solution, I have sorted out certain factors that can be linked to the drainage of the iPhone’s battery.

Usage Intensity

Suppose you extensively use features on your Apple Watch that require a constant connection to your iPhone, such as GPS tracking during workouts or streaming music. In that case, it may have a more noticeable impact on your iPhone’s battery.

Background App Refresh

Apps on your Apple Watch that frequently refresh content in the background can contribute to battery consumption on both devices. It’s a good idea to manage app settings to minimize unnecessary background updates.

Always On Display

If you have the “Always On Display” feature enabled on your Apple Watch, it could lead to slightly increased battery usage on both the watch and the paired iPhone.

Older iPhone Models

If you’re using an older iPhone model with a smaller battery capacity, you might notice a more noticeable impact on its battery life when connected to the Apple Watch.

Tricks To Preserve iPhone Battery Life When Using Apple Watch

As you know, when an Apple watch gets connected to the iPhone, it drains the iPhone battery. Therefore, let’s unlock the secret to longer iPhone battery life with these clever tips when your Apple Watch is in the mix.

Keep your devices running smoothly all day using these hacks!

1. Bluetooth Management

Bluetooth on normal usage doesn’t consume battery, but frequent use of Bluetooth running in your divide will drain your battery.

Therefore, you must turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone when your Apple Watch isn’t in use to save battery power.

Bluetooth Management

2. Notification Control

When your Apple watch is connected to your iPhone, you get multiple notifications from different apps on it. These notifications eat your battery.

Therefore, you must customize your notification settings to reduce the number of alerts sent to your Apple Watch. 

Only allow notifications that are truly important to ensure your watch isn’t constantly lighting up.

3. Location Awareness

Location-based apps, especially those using GPS, can be significant battery drainers. They not only affect your Apple Watch but also your iPhone’s battery life. 

Be mindful of apps that use location services. Review and limit the apps that access your location in the background.

4. Always On Display

“Always on Display” is the most useful feature if an Apple watch makes your watch face visible all the time, but it can also affect your iPhone’s battery life. 

If you don’t need the time to be displayed constantly, then consider turning off this feature to save more battery power.

Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery

5. Apple Watch Updates

Regularly updating your Apple Watch to the latest WatchOS version is crucial for efficient performance. Updates often include optimizations aimed at conserving battery life.

Keeping your Apple Watch up to date with the latest WatchOS version ensures it runs efficiently and consumes less power. Regular updates often include battery optimizations.

Apple Watch Updates

6. Background App Refresh

Understand which apps refresh content in the background. Adjust their settings to prevent unnecessary updates when your watch is not in use.

Background App Refresh

7. Background Apps

The unnecessarily opened background apps on your Apple Watch can drain your battery life. 

Swipe them away in the app switcher when you’re done with them to optimize your battery usage.

Background Apps

8. Cellular or Wi-Fi Usage

Using cellular data instead of a Wi-Fi network can affect your battery timing as it consumes more battery.

To resolve this, try to use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data as it uses less power and can save your iPhone’s battery.

Cellular or Wi-Fi Usage

9. Quit the Companion App

The Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone can consume battery even when you’re not using it. 

Make sure to close it when you have completed configuring your watch to prevent it from draining your iPhone’s battery.

10. Restart Your Apple Watch

Sometimes, minor issues can affect performance and battery life.

You can restart your Apple Watch, which helps resolve these issues and save battery as well. It’s an easy way to keep your devices running smoothly.

Restart Your Apple Watch

How Long Should My Apple Watch’s Battery Last When Paired with iPhone?

Apple says that the battery of all Apple Watches, regardless of series, can last a whole day. The statement implies that you can use it to track your daily workouts as well as check the time, receive notifications, and listen to music.

However, the actual rate of Apple Watch battery drainage can differ. It depends on some factors, such as your watch’s configuration, your usage, and the particular model you have.


Your Apple Watch can impact your iPhone’s battery life. Despite Apple’s assurance of a full-day battery life, actual usage may differ. 

By using the tips mentioned above, you can make the most of your Apple Watch’s capabilities while saving the battery life of your iPhone, establishing a balance between usability and battery preservation.


Does using the Workout Power Saving Mode on my Apple Watch affect my fitness tracking accuracy?

Yes, It may reduce the accuracy of some fitness tracking features, such as heart rate monitoring, due to less frequent data sampling.

If I disable Bluetooth on my iPhone, will my Apple Watch continue to receive notifications?

No, If you turn off Bluetooth, then it will prevent you from getting notifications on your watch. But you will receive notifications if both the devices, iPhone and watch, are linked to the same Wi-Fi.

Does turning on the “Reduce Motion” feature affect the functionality of my Apple Watch?

Enabling the “Reduce Motion” feature on your Apple Watch reduces certain animations and parallax effects, which can help save battery life. It doesn’t significantly affect the core functionality of the watch.


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