DeepAi Vs Midjourney – Unveiling Comparative Clash

DeepAi Vs Midjourney Prompt

In this age of continuous evolution, artificial intelligence has become a necessity. Not only this, but different AI tools have come to our assistance to generate creativity that comes in human minds.

Among text-to-image generation AI tools, DeepAI and Midjourney have been the most explored AI tools. Here we’ll show you which one is better.

We’ll compare the unique features of deep AI and Midjourney, their pricing, prompting accuracy, and variations. Moreover, you’ll know about features that are exclusively present in mid-journey and DeepAi.

Let’s discover what’s under the hood!

Sneak Peek-Midjourney Vs Deep AI

Deep AI is an artificial intelligence tool that uses a deep learning process to generate images, edit images, super-resolution, and image colorization.

Moreover, you can use Deep AI to answer your queries, chatbot development, text summary, article writing, and paraphrasing.

While midjourney is also an artificial intelligence tool that needs Discord Integration for image generation and generates super-quality Images by putting text in the prompt section.

Furthermore, there are options in mid-journey by which you can zoom out, variate, and change the model and characteristics of the image if you want.

For having these features, midjourney is suitable for professional creators as they can create whatever they want by making changes through its variation, image upscaling, and using different models.

DeepAi Vs Midjourney Features Comparison

Here we’ll compare some of the most important features of DeepAi and Midjourney. Come along to get full insights.

Pricing Plan

Both of these offer free plans shortly but they also have developed different subscription plans according to the user needs and budget.

Generate free Images from Deep AI and Midjourney to get a quick idea of how they respond to your query and then go for a subscription plan that is best fit for you.

Midjourney Subscription Plans

Midjourney has three pricing plans for its users. These three plans assist users in choosing the plan that fits them best.

Basic plan

If you’re a beginner and have a tight budget you can go for its basic plan, for this, you’ve to pay only 10$ to confirm your monthly subscription and have access to premium features.

Note: In this plan, you’ll only have access to some features not all.

DeepAi Vs Midjourney

Standard plan

If you want to enjoy more features of Midjourney but you still don’t have much budget, the midjourney standard plan is the best fit for you if you can easily afford 30$ per month.

Pro plan

If you’re an enthusiastic artist, you must go for its pro plan as it doesn’t have that much budget but it’ll give you access to the maximum premium features of Midjourney.


Megaplan is for you if you’re hifi in your budget and want to have the best quality of your images and art.

By subscribing to the mega plan you’ll have access to all the premium features that mid-journey currently have.

Deep AI Subscription Plans

In Deep AI there is only one subscription plan that probably will suit every person. You can have access to its premium version if you pay 5$ per month. It’s an easy and affordable plan for a month to be a Deep AI pro.

But if you want high-quality images, midjourney is the best option for you, because Deep AI has a low budget and it doesn’t have as many features as in midjourney.

Midjourney Access Vs Deep AI Access

Accessing DeepAI is quite easier than midjourney Access.

For DeepAI you only have to visit the DeepAI site and make a profile there, if you’ve a Google account you can sign up from there too.

Note: You can generate images via Deep AI without even signing up, but to have access to premium DeepAI, you’ve to sign up

But for midjourney, you have to sign up on Discord first, as it needs Discord integration for its operation. You can use the default discord server to generate images and can make your own server as well.

Image Generation in Midjourney and Deep AI

DeepAI is easier to use than mid journey but it has fewer features. To generate images on DeepAI, you only have to write text in the box, click on the image option, and select the style you want. 

You’ll get an AI-generated image within seconds.

In order to generate images in midjourney, you have to command /imagine, and then add a prompt in the form of text or reference image in the prompt box.

Within seconds it’ll generate a Grid of four images for you. Select the best one and upscale it.

DeepAI Vs Midjourney Reference Imaging

DeepAI Vs Midjourney, both can generate images by pasting a link to reference images and adding some characters in the prompt section.

In mid-journey you’ve to command /imagine and paste the link of the image that you want to regenerate through mid-journey and add some features in the prompt section that you want to add to the image

In DeepAI you can also generate an image using the link of your reference image. Simply paste the link of the image in the box write additional features and then click Generate.

Midjourney Vs Deep Ai Which One is Better?

Deep AI 

If you are a person who mostly deals with the writing stuff, I’d suggest DeepAI for you based on my personal experience.

Deep AI has its personal DeepAI Gpt based on the Open Ai GPT2 model that’ll write articles by depicting your text and word count. 

Additionally, it has different AI Chat modes like AI novelist, AI fortune teller, AI magician, AI plagiarism checker, and much more. 

Use a chatbot of Deep AI according to your requirements and get solutions to your problems.

Also If you’re a beginner and don’t have expertise in prompt engineering or art creation and are seeking beginner-level designs, you can go for DeepAi.

DeepAI also comes with a low budget as compared to mid-journey pricing plans. Midjourney costs more than Deep AI, so it is a better option for you if you’re on a tight budget.


Midjourney is the best AI text-to-image generation tool so far. And so if you’re a professional artist or creator and have basic prompt engineering awareness, you’ll have no better tool than mid-journey.

Midjourney’s marvelous features will help you create extraordinarily awesome images by using your own creative skills.

Its highly advanced features like variations, commands, parameters, job mode, niji mode, and Midjourney image upscaling have made it like no other tool.

In short words, if you’re an enthusiastic or professional-level creator and have money to invest, you shouldn’t skip the opportunity to try on midjourney premium features.

Features of Midjourney that Distinguish from DeepAi

As midjourney is a hifi AI tool to give you the best quality images, it is due to the vast number of features that it contains.

Below are some features that are present in midjourney but are absent in DeepAI

Image Upscaling

In DeepAI only one image is produced upon prompting, but in midjourney you’ll get a grid of four Images upon a single prompt.

You can’t use that grid everywhere, rather you need only one image to use it further, for this midjourney’s exclusive feature image upscaling comes to the rescue.

There are four U buttons for image upscaling just below the grid that represent the order of 4 images, hit the specific button to upscale a specific image from that grid.

Deep AI doesn’t have this feature of image upscaling.


Midjourney variations are it’s yet another remarkable feature. In case you added a prompt and then got an image that doesn’t meet your requirement or isn’t aesthetic.

Don’t worry you can vary the image by using variation buttons. Remember that you will only see midjourney variation button after upscaling the image because you can only variate the upscaled image.

But in deep AI, you don’t have this feature, instead, it has an enhanced button through which you can enhance some of the effects like brightness and resolution of your image by applying enhanced features.

Zoom out 

Midjourney has continuously upgraded since it was launched. In its recent upgrade, version 5.2 came with the zoom-out option.

Now if you’ve a premium version of Midjourney, upon image upscaling, you’ll get different zoom-out options by which you can zoom out or zoom in your image.

However DeepAI doesn’t have this feature, you can only generate and download images from DeepAi.

Niji Mode 

Midjourney has a specialized feature called Midjourney Niji Mode that gives anime characters to your image.

No matter what kind of image you’re gonna create from mid-journey, if you apply Niji mode, it’ll present anime characters.

However, DeepAI lacks a Niji version or any manga but it has different styles so if you want to create anime like image from DeepAI, you can pick a style that have anime like structure 

Job Modes

With premium access to Midjourney, you’ll have access to different job modes of Midjourney like fast mode, turbo mode, and relax mode.

Fast job hours are limited according to your subscription plan, Mega plan has more fast job hours than standard, pro, and basic plans but you’ll have unlimited relax job hours in every subscription plan.

Midjourney Commands

Midjourney has several commands like /subscribe/docs /blend /fast /faq /turbo /relax and many others by which you can have direct access to many features of Midjourney.

By /subscribe command, you can make a subscription plan on midjourney directly. Using the /Settings command you can make a change in set conditions or apply new settings in midjourney.

By its /relax command you can switch to relax mode, and /fast command you can switch to fast mode.

Comparatively Deep AI doesn’t have a command feature, you can generate images through DeepAI by simply inputting your prompt in the prompt box without a command.

What are the features of Deep AI that midjourney doesn’t have?

If you know some features that midjourney has but DeepAI doesn’t, also there are some features that are in DeepAI but not in midjourney.

Here is the list!

Text Generation

Deep AI has a text generation API which means that it depicts your requirement by a sentence or half of an input sentence and can generate longer paragraphs.

DeepAi’s text generation API uses an unsupervised language model that creates paragraphs from simple texts.

You can create cohesive texts, and complete your sentences and entire articles from its text generation API.

Image Colourization 

Using the Image Colourization API of DeepAi, you can color your black-and-white photos and videos to give them a life.

Deep AI uses its deep learning model to colorize your image, so you can now convert your old family pictures and videos into colored ones.

You can choose your favorite colors to add to your photos and videos to make them enchanting and more attractive.

Deep AI Vs Midjourney-Prompting Accuracy

To examine the prompt accuracy of Deep AI Vs Midjourney, we tried the same prompts on both of these tools, and here is what we got!

Let’s explore some of the prompts below!

Artistic prompt 

Prompt: Mandala Art

Deep AI

Business Brand Logo

Prompt: Logo of my Jewelry brand

Deep Ai

Nature Prompt

Prompt: Stars in the desert 

Deep Ai

Architect prompt 

Prompt: Two opposite houses combination 

Deep AI

Surreal Prompt 

Prompt: Surrealist Model

DeepAi Vs Midjourney Prompt

Deep AI

Anime prompt

Prompt: Anime Harry Potter

Deep AI


This was all about DeepAi vs. Midjourney, both of these are unique and latest AI tools with minor differences.

It’s like you’ve to select whether you want to eat from Burger King or McDonalds, but I’ve mentioned all the pros and cons of using these two tools.

Read this whole article to have all the insights and carefully select Midjourney or DeepAi for a better experience.


What does Image Upscaling Mean in Midjourney? 

Midjourney usually creates images in the grid that contain 4 images together. To use one image from that grid we’ve to upscale it.

Without image upscaling, your image might get distorted and its pixels might get damaged.

Which one is user-friendly? Deep AI or Midjourney 

As per my experience, DeepAI has been user-friendly for beginners as in DeepAI there aren’t many features that you’ve to understand before using it.

In DeepAI, you just enter your text and get an image according to it.

Can I write articles Using Midjourney?

No, you can’t write articles using mid-journey because it’s a text-to-image generation tool, however, there is a chat section where you can chat with different AI bots and get answers to your queries.

On the other hand, you can write articles as long as you want, and create blog posts and paragraphs through DeepAI text generation API.


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