Comparison of Niji Version 4 and 5: Which Version Generates the Best Anime Images

midjourney elon mask niji mode

You may have tried all the Niji versions in Midjourney, and if you are still roaming around about which version will serve you best for anime designs. You also want to try manga art, but before jumping into it, you want clarification of all version results.

Here is a deep comparison of both the versions of Niji, which are Niji version 4 and Midjourney Niji 5. This article will cover all the Niji version’s aspects, from its updated features to minute detailing.

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Comparison of Niji Version 4 and 5

Let’s find out the advanced features of Niji version 5 compared to Niji version 4.

Improved Styles

When talking about styled images, there’s no better version than Niji 5. Your elegant prompt, with the proper style mentioned, will generate the best anime graphics for you.

Add style to your prompt to create one of the best visuals, whether a character, building, or scenery.

Niji 4 is not compatible with the style parameter. You must work on your prompt to add essence to your image in Niji 4. 

A quick and easy way to generate stylish images is to switch to Niji 5 and experience the wonders of it. 

Let’s overview the styles in Niji 5 because Niji 4 is incompatible.

/imagine prompt: girl reading a book in a cafe with opened laptop in front of it –style expressive.

Comparison of Niji Version 4 and 5

You can change the styles according to your desire in your prompt. Or, if you want to get a detailed overview of style parameters, you can read our article Level up Your Anime Mode with Midjourney Niji 5.

Improved facial and hand functioning perception

Version 4 of Niji has some drawbacks, covered by Niji version 5. If you have used Niji 4, you have seen that some parts of the human body won’t generate clearly. It shows the poor quality of the hands and facial characteristics.

Niji 5 shows a proper sense of the human body as it generates complete hands and facial features. However, there are some issues in leg generation, which hopefully be covered by it in its update.

Let me show you the overall look of a human body in both Niji versions to give you a complete sense of image generation.

/imagine prompt: guy running in a race, wearing a loose shirt and trousers –niji 5

midjourney niji 4

/imagine prompt: guy running in a race, wearing a loose shirt and trousers –niji 4 

midjourney niji 5

You can see in both images that the quality of hands and face are much better in Niji V5. Also, the texture and details of the face are much more realistic in Niji version 5, whereas Niji version 4 gives a basic and rough look.

Better Results of Addition of Image Weights 

Image weight adds deep essence to the image, and Niji 5 does wonders with adding image weights, whereas Niji 4 is still incompatible. It ranges from the value of 0.5 to 2. 

Also, in Niji 5, you can add an image prompt along with a text prompt and then add image weight to give a complete look to your image.

Have a look at this image generated by Niji 5.

/imagine prompt: cat looking for her prey –iw 1 –niji 5

midjourney niji mode

Recognition of Celebrities

Niji 5, out of the box, comes up with a new update that recognizes celebrity names and generates valuable images. Also, in this version, image quality is enhanced.  

The quality of facial features, skin tone, actions, expressions, and all the details of an image win in the Niji version 5 as compared to Niji 4 as it lacks celebrity recognition.

/imagine prompt: j.k. rowling dancing in a party –niji 4

midjourney niji 5

Can you spot J.K. Rowling in this image? 

NO. Right!!

That’s the recognition level of Niji 4.

/imagine prompt: Elon Musk on a red carpet, confronting media channels about his new car launch.  

midjourney elon mask niji mode

You can distinguish between both prompts and versions and how much they can recognize celebrities. You need more than Niji 4 to generate an image of any star. 

You must switch to Niji 5 at any cost to generate powerful celebrity images.

Generate Seamless tiles

The tiling feature was not in Niji 4, but Midjourney has introduced the Tile feature again in its current version, which is Niji 5.

Patchwork tile is ideal if you’re trying to make patterns that replicate themselves repeatedly all over the canvas. All you have to do is add –tile as a parameter at the end of your prompt.

Let’s have a look at this feature.

/imagine prompt: hippopotamus –tile –s 750 –niji 5 

niji 4 vs niji 5

How adorable these tiles look. Midjourney discontinued the tiles feature in V4; therefore, you must try this feature out in Niji 5 or V5 of Midjourney.

Improved Resolution

Image resolution is a game in the design industry. High resolutions are necessary for compelling content, and Niji 5 wins the resolution game again. 

You don’t have to put the high resolution in your prompt if you generate your images in Niji 5 of MIdjourney. It will automatically give you a high-resolution image. 

Let’s look at the picture of Niji 5 without mentioning its high resolution.

/imagine prompt: a honey bee sucking the juice from flowers –s 750 –niji 5

niji 5

In addition, the resolutions have been increased, which results in the development of mind-blowingly high-quality images. Focusing on the tiniest aspects enables you to have a more remarkable impression.

Additional Aspect Ratios

Midjourney Niji 5 introduced wider aspect ratios not in its previous version. You can now generate an image in any aspect ratio but only in Niji 5. whereas in Niji 4, it was limited to 2:1 aspect ratios.

These updated features make Niji 5 more acceptable in the anime community as they can generate movie scenes they want with their desired aspect ratios.

This wider aspect ratio in Niji 5 sounds so fascinating that the Niji version can generate your images in any aspect ratio, so let’s try this out. 

/imagine prompt: girl standing on a balcony, clear street, flowers blooming, cloudy atmosphere, butterflies, a kid cycling in the road –ar 16:9 –s 750 –niji 5

midjourney niji mode

Render everyday objects.

Midjourney generates impeccable images of everyday objects in version 5. In Niji 5, Niji 4 also gives good images of daily basis objects, but Niji 5 does this job more efficiently. 

Give a simple prompt to Niji 5 and Niji 4 and see the results.

/imagine prompt: hand –s 750 –niji 5

midjourney niji hands

/imagine prompt: hand –niji 4

niji mode


You can see that the Niji version of MIdjourney, significantly Niji 5, has made outstanding improvements in image resolution, celebrity recognition, body features, and many others. Further improvements are also expected in upcoming versions of it.

If you also want to try Manga art along with anime as a beginner or proficient, then Niji 5 is highly recommended for its innovative features and enhanced outcomes.


Is Midjourney V4 better than V5?

No, Midjourney V4 has some drawbacks; it is upgraded to the latest version V5 with better and more advanced features, so to experience better art quality, you should go for V5 of Midjourney.

What is Niji version 5?

Niji version 5 is the latest Niji Mode of MIdjourney, specially trained for anime and manga art. You can get perfect resolutions, styles, and image quality in Niji 5 compared to other versions of Niji mode.

Which Midjourney version is the best?

Midjourney V5 is doing perfectly among all the versions of Midjourney. It is being updated to the celebrity recognition feature, which was not in previous versions of MIdjourney. Also, there are more features not in Midjourney’s earlier versions. 


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