BlueWillow Parameters – Perfect Fuel For High-Quality Images

BlueWillow Parameters

You must be wondering how people can generate these mind-blowing images. One Prompt and damn!! You got one of the best images you can ever imagine. No worries, you will be astonished after reading this article too. 


Let’s dive into it. Use BlueWillow parameters in your prompts to generate stunning images for your business and yourself. These parameters, and BlueWillow Commands, will let you create enchanting photos. 

In this article, you will be guided to all BlueWillow parameters, their working and essence of using desired aspect ratios, removing unwanted objects from the image, and how different versions take your prompts.

How Parameters Work in BlueWillow AI?

If you want your image to be unique, don’t simply write a prompt; add BlueWillow parameters.

In comparison with Midjourney Parameters, Bluewillow parameters are not upto the mark for generating realistic images.

BlueWillow generally generates square images, but using its specific aspect ratio parameter  “–ar 2:3” will generate portrait images for you.

Tip: You must put parameters at the end of your prompt to get hyper-realistic and good-quality images.

Access BlueWillow Server

To generate images from BlueWillow parameters, firstly, you must log in to Discord to access the BlueWillow server. Now, head towards the Bluewillow icon to enter into the server.

Access BlueWillow Server on Discord

Type Command

Go to the prompt box on the “BlueWillow rookie channel” or your “own server”. To generate an image, type /imagine and select the command.

Type Command

Write Prompt

Write a prompt in the prompt box to generate your desired images. Your prompt should be precise, clear, and up to mark.

Write Prompt

Add Parameter

Add parameter (–parameter) at the end of your prompt according to your requirement. Different parameters can be used to generate images with other properties.

Add Parameter

Get Resultant Image.

Ultimately, your resultant image will be generated by BlueWillow according to the prompt and parameters you’ve provided.

BlueWillow Parameters

List of BlueWillow Parameters 

Here’s the BlueWillow parameters list, their working, and their usage in your prompts.

BlueWillow parametersHow to insert them?Generated Response
Aspect ratio Parameter--ar(your specific ratio)It'll change the dimension of the generated image
No parameter--no(unwanted object)It'll remove that unwanted object from the image
Model V1--v1the first version, trained to generate simple images.
Model V2--v2The second version, trained to generate average-quality images.
Model V3--v3The third version, with prompt accuracy and generate good quality images.
Model V4--v4The latest version with high resolution and 2x improved upscaling quality images.

Bluewillow Aspect Ratio Parameter

Aspect ratio is a width-to-height ratio, usually described by width first, then height. It benefits us in image generation for any platform. 

The default aspect ratio for BlueWillow is square, but you can also customise it according to your needs. 

How to use the Aspect ratio in BlueWillow?

BlueWillow offers two different aspect ratios for its users. You can use these in your prompt by following these steps.

  • Type /imagine in the prompt box and select the command.
  • Write an appropriate prompt. 
  • Mention –ar (value), either 2:3 or 3:2.

Note: other aspect ratios do not work on BlueWillow even when you mention it in your prompt.

How to use the Aspect ratio in BlueWillow

Bluewillow Horizontal Aspect Ratio  (–ar 3:2)

Prompt: a group of wolves, dark night, graveyard –ar 3:2

Bluewillow Horizontal Aspect Ratio

Bluewillow Vertical Aspect Ratio (–ar 2:3)

Prompt: a group of wolves, dark night, graveyard –ar 2:3

Bluewillow Vertical Aspect Ratio

Bluewillow Versions Parameter

BlueWillow bot has introduced its versions, and each version is trained with different abilities.

Every new model differentiates from the old in features, quality, and settings. You can access these versions by adding them to your parameters.

How To Use Versions Parameter In Blue Willow?

If you are trying different prompts and still need to get the right image, or the image quality needs to be higher not to use it any further. Try prompts on other versions.

BlueWillow has four versions i.e. Version 1, 2, 3,4.

Quality is demanding, but as we all know, so BlueWillow version 4 is only available for subscribers

You can get a BlueWillow subscription to feature your Images with version V4.

To apply different versions to your image, follow the following steps

  • Type /imagine in the prompt box or select the command
  • Write an appropriate prompt.
  • Type (– V ) and version number from 1-4, according to your need.
Bluewillow Versions Parameter

Results produced by Bluewillow Versions Parameter

You can see the results seperately generated from each versions.

BlueWillow Version 1 

Prompt: women make-up with flowers and fruits, realistic, psychedelic –v1

BlueWillow Version 1 
BlueWillow Version 2 

Prompt: Women make-up with flowers and fruits, realistic, psychedelic –v 2 

BlueWillow Version 2 
BlueWillow Version 3 

Prompt: women make-up with flowers and fruits, realistic, psychedelic, –v3

BlueWillow Version 3 
BlueWillow Version 4

Prompt: women make-up with flowers and fruits, realistic, psychedelic, –v4

BlueWillow Version 4

Bluewillow No parameter

You must be worrying about how to say to Ai bot to not to put specific objects in your image. So, don’t wonder. Its not that difficult. Use “No Parameter” and remove anything from your image.

How to use –no parameter in BlueWillow?

It’s easy to use no parameter in your prompt, and use BlueWillow Negative Command by following these steps.

  • Type /imagine in the prompt box and select the command
  • Write appropriate prompt
  • Type –no (words or any object) you want to remove.

Effects produced by Bluewillow – – no Parameter 

Original Prompt: futuristic portrait of a man adorned with different electric power, clocks, screws and gears, realistic, ultra hd

–no parameter Prompt: futuristic portrait of a man adorned with different electric power, clocks, screws and gears, realistic, ultra hd, –no blue lighting 

Bluewillow No parameter

Importance Of Blue Willow Parameters

BlueWillow parameters are a secondhand help in an image generation journey. However there are few BlueWillow parameters still, and there are chances to further parameters in the future.

Currently there is a parameter for aspect ratio through which you can varify Aspect Ratios according to your desire.

You can also create variability in the image generated by BlueWillow by adding different versions to its parameters.


Prompts and Parameters play important role in creating unique set of images. Use unique combination in your prompts and add parameters to get stunning images.

Stop worrying about how people create best art, just go through these all BlueWillow parameters, understand it well and start using them.

BlueWillow parameters are a way out to the best art creation, just go with them.


Does BlueWillow have parameters for priority or importance?

No, there is not any specific parameter for priority or importance, but there are chances of it in future.
However, first words in the prompt has more importance.

How to add themes in BlueWillow art creation?

Mention the specific theme in a precise manner in your prompt, try different versions to get a desired theme by using BlueWillow parameter versions 

Which BlueWillow parameter is used for creating abstract art?

Still there is not any specific parameter for creating abstract art, however you can create abstract art by putting it in a prompt and using different versions.


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