BlueWillow Negative Command: An Incredible Step to Boost Your Creativity

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Generative Visual AI is the talk of the town due to the emergence of tools like BlueWillow. BlueWillow is undoubtedly a free alternative to Midjourney, but what if it does not give you the requested image? 

What to do if the images contain an object you wish to remove? But Wait, I have a solution for you. Only the BlueWillow Negative Command can rescue you from here by not allowing certain elements to include in your image. 

This article is an overview of how and when to use the BlueWillow Negative Command, along with the comparison of results with or without using this particular command. You will get fine-tuned results with realistic images by removing undesirable elements.

What is BlueWillow Negative Command?

BlueWillow Ai is a powerful image generation tool that helps you create mind-blowing graphics, including logos and digital artwork, using text commands and BlueWillow image prompts and text prompts, all for free in just a few clicks.  

BlueWillow introduced its negative command that does not work as other BlueWillow Commands. Still, you can use them when you may want to exclude certain elements or feel the need to remove undesirable objects from your image. 

How to use BlueWillow Negative Command?

Using Negative Command is as easy as you like. All you have to do is to add words with “no” in your prompt and let the BlueWillow work on your prompt.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use BlueWillow Negative Command.

Access BlueWillow Server 

To access the BlueWillow Discord server, you have to log in to BlueWillow, and there BlueWillow home screen will appear.

Bluewillow Command

Select ‘Rookie’ Channel

Having accessed the BlueWillow Discord server, you will see the control panel on the left side of the home screen. Here select any rookie channel to generate an image.

If you want to generate on your server, head to your server directly to access BlueWillow commands and BlueWillow negative commands.

Bluewillow Rockie Channel

Enter BlueWillow Command

Type /imagine in the prompt box, and select the ‘imagine prompt option. 

Enter BlueWillow Command

Write Your Prompt

After the command, write your prompt for what you want BlueWillow to generate.

For example: /imagine a flying bird.

Write Your Prompt

Add BlueWillow Negative Command

Add –no to the original prompt, followed by the element, style, or anything you do not want in your final image within the prompt box, and hit enter.

For example: /imagine a flying bird -–no 3d

BlueWillow Negative Command

Get Results

Press ‘Enter’ and get your results in the grid form. You can upscale your desired image or create variations for the best results.

Get Results

Where to Use BlueWillow Negative Command?

You can use BlueWillow Negative Command for various purposes depending on what you want to change in an output image. You will see a few uses for opting BlueWillow Negative Command.

Eliminate Elements from Output Image

BlueWillow Negative Command can eliminate unnecessary extra elements to the output image. 

Prompt: an abstract art of a majestic eagle soaring through a neon-lit galaxy –no yellow

Before and After Images

Bluewillow Commands no

Change Surroundings of an Image

Sometimes you may need to change the image’s environment to your desires. So you can use negative commands very easily there.

Prompt: A dragon in a mysterious hill landscape, dreamy, cinematic –no clouds

Before and After Images

Surroundings of an Image

Exclude Certain Picture Styles

The more detailed you are with your prompts, BlueWillow will generate better results for you.. 

But to ensure BlueWillow doesn’t create any styles you don’t want, you may direct  BlueWillow to exclude certain styles such as ‘anime or cartoon’ using BlueWillow Negative Command.

Prompt: A fearless archer standing atop a cliff, aiming at the target –no anime, cartoon

Before and After images

Bluewillow Before and After

With or without BlueWillow Negative Command

In this section, we will compare the results of images generated by BlueWillow, giving you an overview of how you can finetune your pictures using this creative  BlueWillow Negative Command. Just have a look at the examples below.

A rider on a running horse. 

Suppose we’re looking for images of a rider on a running horse in BlueWillow.

Original command: A rider on a running horse, hyper-realistic watercolor painting 4000x4000pxl

BlueWillow Negative Command: A rider on a running horse, hyper-realistic watercolor painting 4000x4000pxl –no dust

Bluewillow no Command

In the second image, you can see that BlueWillow Negative Command has removed the element ‘dust’, giving a vivid picture of a rider on a running horse.

A castle in the mountains

Let’s see how BlueWillow Negative Command helps us change the images’ surroundings and compare the image results.

Original command: A fairy-tale castle in the autumn mountains, an aesthetic hd close up portrait

BlueWillow Negative Command: a fairy-tale castle in the autumn mountains, an aesthetic hd close-up portrait –no fallen leaves

castle in the mountains

BlueWillow Negative Command is so futuristic it even modifies the tiny details like leaves when asked. An effective tool for BlueWillow users, Isn’t it?

Oppenheimer movie poster

Now let’s ask BlueWillow for a movie poster for Oppenheimer and see how it responds.

Original command: a visually appealing poster of the biographical thriller Oppenheimer

BlueWillow Negative Command: a visually appealing poster of biographical thriller Oppenheimer –no hat

All the examples show how handy this tool is for the users to instruct BlueWillow not to include an element, style, or whatever they don’t want in their final image.

bluewillow movie poster


BlueWillow Negative Command is an effective way to make your images as you want them to be by adding –no to your prompts with more instructions. It helps you in many ways, from removing unwanted elements in your images, adding some variations to excluding the styles.

Hopefully, you have found all the examples and illustrations beneficial and learned to use BlueWillow Negative Command effectively to make your images more creative.


Is BlueWillow Negative Command a premium feature?

No, not at all. BlueWillow Negative Command is a free built-in feature to access in all versions, whether paid or free.

Is it necessary to use BlueWillow Negative Command in every prompt?

Not necessarily in every prompt, but it is important to use BlueWillow Negative to make your prompt more specific and clear, which can lead to better results overall. 

What to do if BlueWillow Negative Command does not work?

Remember, the better the prompt, the better results BlueWillow will generate for you.
BlueWillow works fine as long as it is clearly instructed. However, if it is not working, you may experiment with different words used for that element until you get what works best for your desired outcome.


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