Master The Art Of BlueWillow Image Upscaling With Perfect Pixels

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While generating your art from BlueWillow, you must worry about its picture quality. No more worries; upscaling to Maximum is there to astonish you with its amazing image quality.

BlueWillow Ai is a text-to-image generation tool through which you can create mind-blowing images through some brainstorming. Yet you get a grid of four prints, and you need only one appropriate image to use it further. BlueWillow Upscaling owns this feature.

In this article, you’ll be entertained by each bit of “how to upscale to the max in BlueWillow”. Moreover, you’ll be guided about the function and importance of the U buttons in detail.

What are the U Buttons in BlueWillow AI? 

You’ve been using BlueWillow lately, generating images, converting your fiction, and enjoying it a lot, but have you ever noticed that with the grid of images, you get four “U” buttons below your image? 

So, “U” buttons enlarge the image without damaging its pixels, smoothness, and blend to retain picture quality.

When you desire one picture from the grid, you need to enlarge it by pressing the U button of the respective image.

BlueWillow Image Upscaling

These four U buttons are named U1, U2, U3, and U4 below that grid. They are given according to the image forwarded down to the last picture. 

Fact: Upscaling is mandatory to have one precise, smooth, and complete blend image from BlueWillow

BlueWillow Image Upscaling – How To Upscale Image To Max in BlueWillow AI?

U buttons are there in BlueWillow to upscale the image to a maximum below the grid. Press one of the U buttons to upscale one selected photo.

Follow the following steps to get a complete guide to Upscale to the maximum in BlueWillow.

Select the Command

You can generate images in a discord server or your server by using BlueWillow command /imagine.

Type /imagine command on BlueWillow prompt area and select the command. 

Upscale Image To Max in BlueWillow

Write Prompt 

After you’ve selected the command, write prompt in the prompt section and hit enter.

Tip: If you want to get the precise image, write a prompt that should be accurate and precise 

Get Results

After 60 seconds, you’ll receive the image as a grid of four images. 

Bluewillo image scaling

Select Image 

Go through all four images, and select the best you want in full size.

Bluewillo image scaling selection

Press U button 

Now press the U button according to your selected image. You can choose all the U buttons to upscale all four images.

Bluewillo image scaling selection U button

Get Your Upscaled Image 

Soon after clicking that U button, you’ll receive a notification on the screen, and your image will be upscaled.

Save It 

Click that image after upscaling it to save the image for further need. You can also delete an image on BlueWillow with easy steps.  

saving bluewillow image

BlueWillow Outpainting

BlueWillow Outpainting is a newly launched feature of BlueWillow offered just after Upscaling of the image.

Outpainting generally extends the picture beyond its actual border and adds the visual environment to the image context.

Outpainting vs Inpainting in BlueWillow

Outpainting is quite the opposite of Inpainting. In Inpainting, old damaged photographs are usually restored by adding extra colors and objects within the image. All the bad areas and glitches get removed from the picture by inpainting.

While in Outpainting, an extended version of the image is formed by enhancing its borderline without damaging the pixels. Outpainting usually adds details and graphics to the visual context.

How Outpainting Works in BlueWillow?

In the BlueWillow Ai, Outpainting does magic in generating images with clear, focused, and wide borders.

So to Outpaint in BlueWillow, you have to upscale the image first. You will be given four arrow buttons edging towards the right, left, top, and bottom of the image.

How Outpainting Works in BlueWillow

Click the button according to your desire, whether you want to have your image right, left, top, or bottom out painted.

It will generate the grid of four images again with respect to the arrow you just pressed.  

Outpainted to the Right BlueWillow

Outpainted to the Right BlueWillow

Outpainted to the Left in BlueWillow

Outpainted to the Left in BlueWillow

Outpainted to the Top

Outpainted to the Top

Outpainted to the Bottom 

Outpainted to the Bottom 

Outpainted to All

Outpainted to All

Limitations of BlueWillow Outpainting

Besides all the marvelous Outpainting features, it still has some limitations. As an Ai bot, it sometimes generates inappropriate outpaint results that do not exactly match the input.

However, you can solve this issue by modifying your input to get your finest image after Outpainting.


Hope you get to learn the process of upscaling the image without losing its qualities and pixels with the built-in feature of U buttons in the BlueWillow.

Upscale your images and use them for any BlueWillow commercial use for any marketing and brand-building tasks. 


Why is bluewillow upscale to maximum important?

If you enlarge the image without upscaling, its pixels get disturbed, and the picture will no longer be smooth and blended. 
The picture will be more like a blocked or mosaic-like appearance that no longer seems attractive, but the upscaled image will be smooth.

What is the difference between the Bluewillow U and V buttons?

The “U” buttons in BlueWillow are for Upscaling, and the “V” buttons are for generating variations of the selected image. 

Can I get two images upscaled with one click?

No, you can’t get two upscaled images with one click as there are separate U buttons for individual images; you’ve to select the image you want to upscale and then click the U button accordingly.


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