BlueWillow Commands – Unveiling the Best Use for Creators

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You must be worrying about how BlueWillow works when you just completed the signing-up process and added the BlueWillow bot to your server. Don’t worry, BlueWillow commands come to the rescue. Use BlueWillow commands and Excel BlueWillow image generation journey.

BlueWillow commands will assist you in every step of your journey. All you have to do is to add the BlueWillow bot to the discord server, put a slash, and all commands will appear. Select a particular command, write a prompt, put parameters, and you are done.

You’ve to go through this whole article as it covers what are BlueWillow Commands and how they own specific tasks.

Let’s Start!!

What Are BlueWillow Commands?

BlueWillow is an Ai tool whose bot creates images based on the user’s prompts. BlueWillow Commands are specified for the actions on which they are trained. 

You can create images, get help, or subscribe to its premium version through different BlueWillow Ai commands.

How to Use BlueWillow Commands on Discord?

To put the BlueWillow commands on the Discord ai art generator, you must first access an authentic Discord account to access BlueWillow commands. 

Let’s see the BlueWillow Ai commands list, how to use them and how they work.

Bluewillow /Imagine Command

/Imagine command generates stunning images based on the prompts you add into the prompt box. You’ll get a grid of 4 images according to your prompt right after 60 seconds of the prompt.


You can’t create images if you don’t command /imagine.

How to use Bluewillow /imagine Command

  • Type /imagine and select the command. 
  • Write your prompt in the prompt box. 
  • Hit “Enter”
How to use Bluewillow imagine Command

What Result /imagine Command Generate?

/imagine command will generate an image in a grid form. You will get four images from a single prompt that you can further upscale and variate with “U” and “V” buttons.

This image is upscaled from the grid of four images.

BlueWillow Commands

Bluewillow /Subscribe Command

The /subscribe command allows you to subscribe to one of the BlueWillow paid plans. Different plans are offered for users with different amounts.

How to use Bluewillow /subscribe Command

  • Type /subscribe and select the command
  • Hit “Enter” 
Bluewillow /Subscribe Command

What Results Bluewillow /subscribe Command Generate?

You’ll be provided with a list of different versions with their subscription packages and exclusive features. Select the package to proceed to payment.

Bluewillow Commands Lists

Bluewillow /Info Command

The /info command can be used to get information about your profile.

How to Use Bluewillow /info Command?

  • Type /info in the BlueWillow discord server or your own server and select the command
  • Press the “Enter” button.
Bluewillow Info Command

What Result Bluewillow /info Command Generate?

It’ll inform your main account information, whether you are using the free tier or subscribed to it, your username, the number of images you created using the BlueWillow Ai command, remaining prompts and time to reset.

Info Command Bluewillow

Bluewillow /Hug Command

The /hug command is a lovely feature of BlueWillow ai. Using this, you can send a virtual hug to any BlueWillow user.

This command can only be accessible in BlueWillow Discord Server, You can’t use this command on any other server.

How to Use Bluewillow /hug Command?

  • Type /hug on the BlueWillow discord server and select the command.
  • Mention the account you want to send a hug in the user section.
  • Press the “Enter” button. 
Bluewillow hug Command

What Result Bluewillow /info Command Generate?

It will send a notification to the user, and on the discord, a message like this will appear.

Bluewillow Command Info

Bluewillow /Report Command

The /report command can be used for reporting any account on BlueWillow ai. You must enter a specific reason and the inappropriate message link you want to report.

How to Use Bluewillow /report Command?

Follow these steps to report abusive accounts.

  • Type /report in the BlueWillow discord server and select command.
  • Mention the account in the reported-user section
  • Mention the reason in the reason section
  • Place the link of the message in the message link section(optional)
  • That particular account will be reported, and BlueWillow will take action that will be necessary.
Bluewillow Report Command

Bluewillow /Faq Command

Using the /faq command, you can ask questions to BlueWillow bot about its usage and features.

How to Use Bluewillow /faq Command?

  • Type /faq and select the command
  • Hit Enter
  • Enter your query.
  • Get your result.
Bluewillow Faq Command

What Results Bluewillow /faq Command Generate?

You’ll get your directed answer related to the query.

What Results Bluewillow faq Command Generate

Bluewillow /Help Command

The /help command will let you ask for help with the different questions. You just need to click the specific button to help.

How to use Bluewillow /help Command?

  • Type /help in the BlueWillow discord server and select the command.
  • Hit Enter.
Bluewillow Help Command

What Results /help command generate?

/Help command in BlueWillow will help you discover BlueWillow faqs, BlueWillow rules, BlueWillow subscription and feedback.

help command generate

Bluewillow /Random-fact Command

While embarking on your journey on this wonderful bot, check some random facts if you’re getting bored.

How to use /random-fact command?

  • Type /random-fact in BlueWillow discord server. 
  • Select the command
  • Hit enter.
Bluewillow Random-fact Command

What results /random-fact command generate?

It’ll find you some random facts to enhance your information.

random-fact command generate

/Random-joke Command

The /random joke command usually tells jokes that other visual ai bots can’t.

How to use the /random-joke command?

  • Type /random-joke in the prompt box.
  • Select the command.
  • Hit the enter button.
random-joke command

What Result /random-joke command generate?

BlueWillow command /random-joke will tell you a random joke that will please you and engage you a bit more on this bot.

random-joke command generate


Hope this article covers all your aspects. All these commands aid you to create captivating images through BlueWillow.

Furthermore, these commands are useful if you want a subscription through BlueWillow, report someone’s account, get help through the BlueWillow bot and much more.

However, you can also add BlueWillow parameters in your prompts to generate hyper-realistic and ultra hd images. 


Does BlueWillow Ai have a command for pixels?

BlueWillow Ai has no specific command for pixels, but the parameter aspect ratio -ar 2:3, through which you can set some aspects of the image.

Can I report an account using the BlueWillow /report command without mentioning the reason and linking the message?

No, you can’t report an account without mentioning the reason and linking to that message. You must have linked the content and its link you want to report.

Can /info command of the BlueWillow also tell information about the BlueWillow bot?

The /info command only gives user information. For information about the BlueWillow bot, you have to go for a BlueWillow command /help.


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