Bluewillow AI Commercial Use: License and Copyright Explained

Bluewillow Ai

You must want to sell your images like stocks, but the thought of using AI for commercial purposes might make you question legal proceedings. Congrats!! you are on the right path. Some text-to-image AI allows you to use your content commercially. 

But Which AI?? 

BlueWillow AI is an easy-to-use AI image-generation tool that converts text prompts into captivating visuals. You can further use your content commercially and also will find some policies similar to Midjourney copyright policies. 

This informative article digs into the licensing policies and copyright considerations surrounding for BlueWillow AI commercial use.

BlueWillow AI Commercial Use – How?

Usually, AI art is not considered the best of human creation, but you can generate profit through it. But BlueWillow AI allows its users to have complete rights to their content. That means you can use it’s art for commercial and any legal purpose.

Use  of Bluewillow AI Commercially

When BlueWillow stated that you can use your art for commercial gain, you can generate profit through it, and there will be no copyright issues with using your content commercially.

Blue Willow License for Paid and Free Tiers

If you are a free plan user of BlueWillow AI, you must know that BlueWillow AI can use your content in any way they want. 

You also authorize Blue Willow to display and make copies of your artwork.

Remember that your artwork includes your image, text prompts, and generated content.

paid subscription user of Blue Willow AI

As a paid subscription user of Blue Willow AI, rest assured that Blue Willow AI will not display or utilize your artwork without your consent. 

Also, remember that BlueWillow AI is not responsible for any work you share publicly, and the Visual AI tool does not protect any of that work.

Fact: BlueWillow AI has the right to deactivate your subscription if they find your content illegal and against community standards.

BlueWillow Copyright Policies

BlueWillow Copyright Policies

Whether the copyright belongs to the AI or the individual who produced the images has yet to be established. Blue-Willow gives you ownership of your creations, allowing you to sell them without worrying about copyright issues.

Bluewillow AI Commercial Use

BlueWillow’s terms of service warn against selling the content generated by datasets trained on other person’s images. There will be copyright infringement of other person’s rights and content.

Commercial Uses of BlueWillow AI

You can use BlueWillow AI for commercial purposes in different fields.

Let’s say you are an ARCHITECT who wants to design a house for a client. Here comes BlueWillow at your steps.

Commercial Uses of BlueWillow AI

Other ways to use BlueWillow for commercial purposes:


You can design logos, brochures, and other social media posts for advertising campaigns.

Prompt: Pop art-inspired logo illustration of the letter B, vibrant colors, bold graphic elements, burger.

use BlueWillow for commercial purposes

Prompt: product designer portfolio, A4 landscape Layout, minimalist style, neat and visually appealing layout. Display a single design product, including pictures and a brief description. 

Bluewillow Ai for Mockups

Product Designs

All the product mockups for companies and product shots can be designed through BlueWillow AI.

Prompt: Lays chips product design, directed by Greta Gerwig, realistic, ultra HD

Bluewillow Ai Lays

Education Purpose

You can generate tutorials and detailed images for educational purposes.

Prompt: human brain with labeling

Bluewillow Ai for Education


To conclude, you can use Blue Willow AI to create graphics for personal or commercial use. You can opt for its pay-what-you-can subscription for as low as $1 or use it for free. Since ownership of AI-generated artwork’s copyright is still disputed, it can be sold without worrying about copyright issues.

Blue Willow cautions against utilizing artwork created by AI trained on copyrighted materials, retaining the right to take action against you in case of malpractice. With this innovative tool, you can use your creativity to make stunning visuals to help your business succeed. For further information or a free trial, visit


What engine does Blue Willow AI use? 

Blue Willow AI is an aggregator of multiple AI models. It extensively tests and uses diffusion models like Stable Diffusion. 

What benefits will come with a subscription?

You will receive unique benefits like early access to new versions, member badges, VIP contests, newsletters, and more.

Will my subscription be automatically canceled if I leave the Blue Willow Discord server?

Leaving the Blue Willow Discord server won’t cancel your subscription. Your subscription will remain valid, and you’ll still be charged.


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