List of Best Offline Games for Flight Mode

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Games are a source of entertainment and joy. While playing, if you get interrupted by slow internet and lose your level, it must have bothered you. Won’t it be fantastic to complete your game and reach your end level without internet interruption?

You can play various games when your internet is troubleshooting or when there is any unavailability of the Internet. Just turn on your flight mode and access the games you are being told in the article.

Download interesting offline games while your mobile flight mode is active. Moreover, you can access them for free on Android and iPhone devices.

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So, without wasting our time, let’s get into the article.

Best Offline Games for Flight Mode

Best Offline Games for Flight Mode

There are several games that any user can access without any cost and utilize their free time in some fantastic use. Why not discuss them separately with their objectives and features?

Candy Crush Saga 

Candy Crush Saga is one of the famous gam, developed by a company called King. The founder of the game is Riccardo Zacconi, a businessman and video game developer, and CEO of the King Company.

Almost 270 million people play access candy crush once a month. It offers an unlimited level range from easy to hard. It keeps adding new levels, so the old gamer’s dopamine always gets boosted with upcoming challenges.

It gives you joy in your bored time and lets you open your hidden wit from one level to the next. If you want its extra features, you need an internet connection, while you can play Candy Crush offline on flight mode.

The main objective of Candy Crush is to help you to enhance life skills like patience, persistence, and focus. These skills are lifetime needed. 

Candy Crush Saga 


Suduko Puzzle was developed when a Japanese businessman Mai Kiji spotted a puzzle in a magazine. Later he started publishing a magazine featuring refined puzzles and named it Sudoku.

More than 167 million people play sudoku puzzles. The World Puzzle Federation also organized puzzle competitions.

You will find a 9 x 9  grid with digits when you start the game. You will fill the grid with missing digits using your brain and logic. What you have is the numbers from 1-9. The interesting part is you can’t repeat any digit. You can start with the easy ones and go to the hard ones later.

No game would be better than Sudoku-Puzzle to make your free time valuable by providing you with logical thinking and a sharp mind. You can download this offline game from the play store.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If you are looking for something adventurous, the GTA is the best option. GTA is an adventure  game owns by a British video game development company “Rockstar North”.

Carl Johnson returns to  San Andreas, a city full of gangsters and drug dealers who controls the town. He becomes part of an unexpected event where he travels across the city to save his family and take control of the streets.

You will get 100 missions in total. It also gives you a mission and a side mission to complete your journey. You will find code keys to access guns and cars that help fulfill your target before losing your life.

It is an offline game available to install on Android and computers. It will take 1.85Gb memory of your mobile.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Tekken 3

Tekken 3

Tekken is a fighting game with customize fighters. A Japanese franchise mainly famous for publishing a series of fighting video and arcade games owned this game.

Tekken 3 introduced 21 characters, with Jin Kazama as the hero. You will get ten missions in total where you play one on one with another player. You will also get a chance to play solo or in groups to defeat your opponent.

This game is available in various versions like Tekken 4, 5, 6, and Tekken 7. Many fighters participate in Fighting tournaments and win against their opponents.



Chess is always a symbol of intelligence and intellectuality. It is an ancient game which reincarnated by the Chinese successor Huangdi.

Two opponents played this game on a checkered board with two different pieces, black and white. One-on-one and multiplayer competitions can be held in this game since various chess variants are available.

Let you test your intellectuality and patience while playing a trick on your opponent. It is now available on mobile phones and iPhones without a connection to the internet.

This game is not just for entertainment but a booster for your intelligence. Install this game on your mobile or computer and use your time to increase your patience and ability to think carefully.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a game released by a company called Fingersoft. Toni Fingerros is the founder of the company and a developer.

Almost 2 billion people downloaded this game. You will get driving experience and entertainment in this game. It is an adventurous driving game where you will reach the top of the hill without losing your life while crossing many obstacles.

You can upgrade your vehicle while collecting coins. Hill Climbing Racing provides you with 28 endless stages with more than 30 vehicles to help you to reach the top of the hill.

Hill climb racing provides you entertainment and adventure while playing offline with no internet and cellular data.

Hill Climb Racing


The article provided you with the games that you can play even without internet connection. All the mentioned games are highly recommended if you are into offline games. You would be playing offline, so you would not be interrupted by a poor internet connection.

You can play freely, so just don’t waste time and hop on these free games to enlighten your mood. These will entertain you and help you to improve your skills to live your life smoothly.


Can I get all the gaming features offline?

You may not get all gaming features offline. For all features like diamonds to buy a new life, an internet connection is required.

Can I get access to the other mobile apps while in flight mode?

It is possible to use another mobile app that doesn’t require cellular data or wifi. You can play offline games and listen to music in flight mode.

Why should I have offline games for flight mode?

During long journeys and flight mode, you can spend your time playing games to entertain yourself that don’t need an internet connection.


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