10 Best Fitbit Versa Clock Faces To Elevate Your Style

Fitbit Versa clock faces

A clock face that is appealing to look at and gives you stats you need to see on the go. Fitbit Versa Clock Face comes in various free and paid options. These faces come in digital, analog, simple, and festival categories. You can choose your preferred look according to your needs.

Based on my first-hand experience, In this article, you will see 5 paid and 5 free best Fitbit Versa clock faces rated above 4.5 ratings and are my personal favorites.

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Best Fitbit Versa clock faces (Free)

Clock faces can be selected directly from your Fitbit app. You can see many looks, confusing you with which one to choose. Fitbit offers many free watch faces that look good on the hand and serve the purpose of a tracker.

Here, you will see the top 5 Free looks for your Fitbit Versa that will game up your motivation with a wrist twist.

1. Bitmoji

Best Fitbit Versa Clock Faces

Bitmoji is the collaboration of SanpChat and Fitbit. You can have Snapchat’s animated Bitmoji on your watch face. It acts upon your activity accordingly. Suppose on meeting your goal steps, it will show a congratulations emoji, and at dinner time, it will show a food emoji.

2. Dial-a-stat


Dial-a-stat leans heavily towards activity. The representation of your progress visually keeps you motivated all day long. The dial fills and empties with a tap, showing your activity stats in a classic appearance.

3. Stats


Stats is a smart digital watch face with bold numerals. You can customize and choose the color theme and activity record according to your liking. It looks simple with a minimalist appearance.

4. Mod-Podge


The Mod-Podge display is fun and playful. It shows time in bright colors that instantly lift your mood. Moreover, you can change and see your daily statistics by tapping on the screen. Such as steps, calories burned, floors, in-zone minutes, etc.

5. Playpen


This playful display on your watch face changes the characters and colors with only a tap, allowing you to toggle your daily activity and core stats with fixtures.

Best Fitbit Versa watch faces (Paid)

Fitbit Versa also includes some paid watch faces that are pocket-friendly and appealing. The designs I shared below are as low as $ 3 to $ 2 each and are all worth it. All fronts have above 4.8 ratings and are shared by various developers all over the world.

1. Analog Vintage

Analog Vintage

Analog vintage is a cool, punk-style watch face with different colors that enhance the overall appearance. You can further customize your daily activity through the Fitbit app.

2. Starfield


Starfield is a digital plus analog watch with a straightforward yet stylish look. It can perfectly match your formal outfits. The simplicity of this watch face is a must-have.

3. #Analog Watch #6

#Analog Watch #6

Analog watch #6 can be your always go-to watch face, whether informal or formal. It also provides daily core values with simple taps’ on the screen.

4. SnowFlake Flowers

SnowFlake Flowers

Snowflake Flowers is a festive watch face that can complete your Christmas look and give you a holiday feel. The front shows your goals and progress on its four corners, eliminating the hassle of tapping the screen.

5. Heavy Hitter

Heavy Hitter

Heavy Hitter focuses on your rich stats throughout the day. If you are a fitness freak and focus on HIIT workouts, this Fitbit face is for you. It is the best Fitbit clock face for monitoring your heart rate.


It’s human nature that you quickly get bored with the same look. Change is always fascinating, motivating you to move and care for yourself. Fitbit Versa helps you attain your fitness goal and keeps you in shape, taking care of your well-being. 

Now that you have the best Fitbit Versa clock faces. Go try them out, and let us know your experience in the comments below.


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