Best Apple Watch Faces For Nurses and Medical Staff in 2023

Apple Watch

Apple watches are the best-selected gadgets as you will have your full-day schedule on your wrist. From making patients medication programs to checking their vital signs, everything is just one glance away.

Additionally, Apple Face watches indicate the customized display on the watch face. Based on my experience, the Apple Watch Faces I have seen nurses wearing so far are “Siri,” “Infographics,” and “California.” 

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of Apple watch faces for paramedical staff and also discuss the most promising top Apple watch faces. Let’s just thoroughly explore the article. 

The Best Apple Watch Faces For Nurses and Doctors You Will Get to Know

Being a previous Apple watch user, I have had the pleasure of experiencing all the Watch Faces in my professional career. But being connected to medical staff, I got to know they use specific Apple Watch faces in their routine. 

Let’s talk about the multiple hot favorite Apple Watch faces below that nurses and medical staff use in their daily routines.

1. Activity Analog Watch Face

The Activity Analog Watch Face is an activity tracker that is helpful for nurses in several manners. Like being a nurse, you can check your patient’s pulse rate of 30 seconds without having any instrument in hand. 

Moreover, the nurse’s health is essential for the medical sector. So you must have the Activity Analog to check how much you overworked and your footstep count.

Best Apple Watch Faces For Nurses

2. Chronograph Pro

Chronograph Pro’s primary feature is its stopwatch or timer. It benefits you and nurses in handling vital time-counting work like measuring respiratory rates and holding medication responsibilities.

Just tap the outer edge of the numbers, and it will turn into a stopwatch.

Chronograph Pro

3. Modular Watch Face

The Modular Apple Watch is the most flexible digital face for nurses. Its widgets are so beneficial. Using the  “calendar,” nurses can line up the patient’s appointments and can set “reminders.”

It also has a vital sign tracker, which quickly examines the patient’s heart rate and blood oxygen rate. 

The plus point is it has an emergency immediate communication feature that nurses can use on behalf of the phone. 

Modular Watch Face

4. Simple Watch Face

The Simple watch face is the reflection of its name, which provides minimal but valuable widgets. It comes with a timer and weather update feature, which is exceptionally beneficial for nurses who are punctual in their routines.

Simple Watch Face

5. Siri Watch Face

Siri Watch Face can be your assistance. Just wrap it around your wrist and give voice commands, and it will respond with the best outcomes. 

There is no need to ask your stupid and irrelevant questions to your boss; just command Siri from now on. Also, set reminders on Siri so it will remind you of your tasks, medications, and appointments.

Siri Watch Face

6. Infographics

Infographics are the best and most customizable Watch face for nurses. You are dealing with multiple tasks and aligning them with the best possible schedule through Infographics. 

Moreover, you can set alerts, voice memos, noise control, contacts, messages, and much more on Infographics for your ease.


7. GMT Watch Face

GMT Watch face comes with 2 dials, one for local 12 hrs and the other for 24 hrs. Why should you choose GMT Watch face? Because it has four separate interfaces, a world clock, audiobooks, and much more.

So if you are that nurse who travels alot, it’s a much have on your list.

GMT Watch Face

8. California 

California is the first Apple Watch face with a California dial. It’s a combination of styles and needs. It has both Roman and Arabic numerals. At the time you selected the color of the background, the color of the hand and complication turned to the same color to match it.


9. Breathe

The mindfulness app has inspired breath to make you aware and relaxed by using the same rhythm and 8.5-second timing. It pretends to be breathing calmly by selecting the one style of your choice among the other four.

Breath watch faces are designed to help you inhale and exhale by elevating your wrist as it collaborates with your breathing motion. 


Can Nurses Use Apple Watches In Healthcare Facilities?

The usage of Apple Watch in Healthcare facilities is ultimately an organisation-based decision as every firm has its terms and policies. 

However, fewer felt that Apple watches help align a strenuous routine; by its notification of emergencies feature, medication would be on accurate time as you get the alert, and above all, help in detecting “vital signs.” 

On the other hand, fewer felt it was a distraction in these crucial job chores as continued notifications make you puzzled and make you feel burdened. 

Furthermore, it affects the privacy of patients as well as the organization. So, it’s imperative to be aware of the terms and conditions of the company before using Apple watches.

How to Select the Right Apple Face Watch? 

Based on my experience, you must choose an Apple watch as per your need, like an activity face watch picked to watch whether it is supported for workouts or not as it demands.

Nurses have full, busy day schedules on their hands as a wearable anytime; anywhere they can freely manage their complete day routine.

Also, vital signs rate can efficiently be conducted through Apple Watches, which helps nurses a lot in a whole day routine. 

And, of course, Siri is the promising one who will help you as an assistant for you during your working hours.

How to Customise Your Apple Watch Face?

Customizing the watch face is beneficial as you can prioritize your preferred feature.

By following a few easy steps, you will easily customize your Apple Facewatch. 

  1. Tap and hold the watch face a little longer till the edit option appears. 
  2. Swipe the screen left or right to select the watch face. 
  3. Again, tap the edit button.
  4. Scroll the screen to select the widget. 
  5. Customize the selective option.
  6. Repeat the 4 and 5 steps until you have reached your custom watch face.
  7. Save all the changes by pressing the digital crown button.

Where to Access Apple’s Inbuilt Watch Faces?

Explore Apple’s faces by navigating the “Apple Gallery” and experience their offered watch face styles.

Let’s just follow the steps.

  • Press the Digital Crown button present on the right side of the mobile. 
  • Click the watch face icon. 
  • Swipe left to right to the browser interface to choose your desired icon. 
  • Select the watch face you want. 
  • Customize the watch face by holding the button or pressing it. 
  • By scrolling the digital crown button, you can see all the options and click the one you want to customize further.
  • By using the side crown button, you can adjust the setting.
  • Tap the “done” option. 

Now you can enjoy your desired changes.

How to Add a New Face Using Your Apple Watch?

You can add through two ways, either through your mobile app or directly through your wristwatch. But adding a new watch face through your watch is the easy way out.

To add a new face, use an iPhone watch face app. 

  1. You need to select your desired face from the list by scrolling.
  2. After selecting your favourite face, swipe it.
  3. Tap and hold to save it.


In the end, let’s just sum up the whole article by saying it is good to use some smart gadgets to fast-paced your work and make it easier for yourself too.

Moreover, selecting the correct gadget for your routine is a smart option, so get yourself a better version that is suitable for your circumstances and helps you with your work. 


Can you download more Apple Face watches?

Yes, you can download more face watches from third-party apps like the Facer. You can download different face watches as per your need, use, and working requirements. 

What are the most in-demand Apple face watches?

California, Infographics, and Siri are the 03 most in-demand faces, and all are found free in the gallery.

Can you buy Apple face watches?

Yes, you can buy it with other apps like Faces, Step Dog, and WatchSmith, but these apps offer both types of faces, paid or unpaid. It’s entirely your decision what you choose for yourself whether it’s worth buying or not. 


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