Wonder What Can Be Alternative Ways To Wear Apple Watch?

Alternative Ways to Wear Apple Watch

Ready to explore alternative ways of wearing Apple Watches using the same model? It’s more cool and curious because people usually go with a wrist-wearing type. 

Apple watches are famous smartwatches with remarkable features. You will get your mobile features and health and tracking services. But some users find it irritating to wear on the wrist. But Wait a Minute!!  You can wear it in other ways to meet fashion and needs simultaneously.

So, let’s stay with us to find amazing ways to wear Apple watches alternatively.  

Alternative Ways to Wear Apple Watch

Alternative Ways to Wear Apple Watch

Using “wearable technology” in different ways will make you stand out as a stylish icon and a flexible person. 

So, yes, harness the trend, and wear your Apple watch as a locket, pocket watch, bag fob, or other multiple ways as you like. 

1. Around Neck as a Necklace

Is wearing an Apple watch is compulsory? But wearing the Apple Watch differently will give you a cool sound. Most people wear jewellery, and now, you have an alternative way to wear your watch as a necklace.

You can turn your watch into a necklace by attaching a chain and pendant. It will look marvellous and attractive. In the medical profession, it’s difficult for nurses to wear a watch on their wrist, but now they can wear an Apple watch as a necklace.

Wearing it around your neck will be trendy but will not accurately track your heart condition and walking steps.

2. As a Locket

Wearing locket watches may sound old, but wearing a digital gadget as a locket can be a trend. Weird. But yes, it’s a trend. 

Call it a fashionable and alternative way of wearing watches, but you can surely hang it with a chain and locket case.

3. Wear It on the Ankle

Another alternative way to wear an Apple watch is to wear it on the ankle like other bands. Some people get to do lots of work and sweat, so wearing an Apple watch on the wrist can be too difficult for them.

Those types of people can wear Apple watches on their ankles. They need to get ankle straps, as watch straps can not be enough to wear on the ankle. You can connect your watch to your ankle link with your phone and select the design you want.

4. As a Scarf

If you carry a scarf and a watch, but your watch always stucks in a scarf, I have an alternative way for you. You can wear a watch as a scarf. Strange?

Let me be clear. You have to attach a watch with your scarf. Now, carry your scarf in any style, such as a hand or neck scarf. In this case, your skin will not get in touch with the watch, so there is no heart rate tracking, but it rates your calories and walking steps.  

5. As Your Pocket Watch

The other alternative way to wear an Apple watch is a pocket watch, You can wear a watch with a pocket case to protect it from scratches. If you carry an Apple watch as a pocket watch, certain elements won’t work. Your way of carrying a watch will be amazing but not very helpful. 

Because the watch will not be attached to the skin. Wearing an Apple watch as a pocket watch can only be good for fashion, but putting it on your wrist during working times is good.

6. Underhanded (Inside Of Wrist)

There is another good alternative to wearing an Apple watch. If you dislike fashion and want a light change, Underhanding your Apple Watch can be an alternative way. You can wear the watch inside of the wrist, in a way of upside down.

It protects your watch from scratches and other damage. Moreover, it’s a comfortable way to carry your watch. 

Note: If you have a tattoo on the wrist, it will prevent the heart rate sensor from functioning productively. 

7. Reverse the Bands

Let’s switch the original way of wearing an Apple watch and recreate a new way. Hers, we will reverse the Apple watch’s band, similar to its present condition. The watch has two bands; one long band has holes, and the others are small or have metal clips at the top.

Just switch both bands opposite, and here is a new watch design ready to wear and is the same as the in-reverse band.

8. Upside Down

If you are left-handed, there is another alternative way to wear an Apple watch, as upside down, its a fun. Scroll down your watch with a digital crown, but don’t use your index finger.

Now, remove the watch and put it upside down. While in the upside position, the digital crown faces the elbow insert of your hand, and the watch works properly if you change it upside down.

9. With Medical Skin-Adhesive Patch

If your skin is sensitive and you cannot wear a watch directly on the skin, use a medical skin-adhesive patch. It is easy to wear and has a fantastic look you can wear on any part of your body.

Wearing an Apple Watch with an adhesive patch is best if you want a good blood flow track. Many people suffer from hereditary heart problems, so they need to monitor their heart rate every hour. For them, wearing watches with a medical skin-adhesive patch is best.

10. As A Bag Fob

This alternative way to wear a watch is especially for ladies if the strap irritates you or you want the new style. Attach your watch to a bag fob; it looks comfortable and has a fabulous design.

You can adjust your fob according to your texture, and it does not protect your watch from damage but is easy to wear for those who want to free their wrist.

Your watch works only slightly because it’s far from your hand. You can wear it when you are going outside or at a party only because it is not for daily use.


This article will help you wear Apple watches in alternative ways and help you decide which way you like to wear them. If you are satisfied with this, share it with your other friends or family; they need clarification about how to wear it.

We have covered all kinds of alternatives that are useful for you. It is difficult to suggest what type to wear daily; now, choose your way with this guide.


Can I wear a watch as a headband?

It sounds good, but it is not valuable because a headband is a formal fashion in the market. Wearing it on your head is risky sometimes. It might be heated or cause damage in any case.  

Can Apple watches be overheated?

Sometimes, watches are in direct contact with the sun, which overheats it. So, there is a high risk of damage from heat. Like other devices, electric watches also overheat, So carefully use your watch and save from any crisis. 

Should I sleep wearing an Apple watch on my ankle?

No, during sleeping, there can be some unwilling moments that may cause damage to your ankle and watch, So before sleeping, remove your watch and sleep comfortably.


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