Access BlueWillow Web Gallery With a Few Steps

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You must be curious about where all those fantastic pictures you created with BlueWillow end up. Also, finding your old generated print might be frustrating when you want to use it somewhere. Stay with us to find your images on an AI-generated tool simultaneously.

Every AI image generator tool has a feature of a gallery where users can find their creations. The BlueWillow Web Gallery comes into this image generation journey. It’s a place where you can access all the pictures you have generated using Bluewillow Ai.

Picture a virtual world filled with your creations – that’s the magic of the BlueWillow Web Gallery. Today, we will show you the simple procedure to access the Bluewillow web gallery containing all your artwork.

How to Access BlueWillow Web Gallery?

BlueWillow web gallery has saved all your creations which you can download and use wherever you want. So, without wasting time, join us as we reveal the simple steps to step guide to discovering and accessing the BlueWillow web gallery.

Head to BlueWillow Homescreen

After signing up to the BlueWillow account, head to the BlueWillow home screen to generate the images and access further options linked to the BlueWillow AI. 

BlueWillow Homescreen

Navigate to Web Gallery

Look to the left side of your Discord interface and find the “Web Gallery” option among the tabs.

Navigate to Buewillow Web Gallery

Click on Link

Once in the “Web Gallery” section, locate the message that contains a link to access the web gallery. Click on that link to proceed.

Bluewillow Link

Accept the Invite 

After clicking on the link, you will see an invite option. Just click on the Accept Invite button. 

Bluewillow Invite Accept

Sign In with Discord

After accepting the invite, choose “Sign in with Discord”.

Bluewillow Discord Invite

Enter Discord Credentials

Provide your Discord credentials, including your email and password and click on login, then click on the “Authorise” button to proceed.

Discord Credentials

Access Your Web Gallery

Once you’ve successfully signed in, you’ll gain access to BlueWillow Web Gallery. 

Here, you’ll find your newest and oldest images generated using BlueWillow Ai.

BlueWillow Web Gallery

Following these straightforward steps, you can easily access and explore your BlueWillow Web Gallery, where your artwork awaits.

How to Find Recent Images From Your Inbox?

Multiple users use the same rookie channel simultaneously, and if you lose your recently generated images, you can retrieve them from your inbox by following these simple steps.

You can either scroll the discord feed to find your image or directly access your photo from the inbox channel.

Click on Inbox Icon

While in the rookie channel, where you’re looking for the image, locate and click on the inbox icon in the top right corner. 

Bluewillow Inbox

Click on Mention

Within the inbox, click on the “Mention” option.

Bluewillow Mentions

View Recent Mentions

 A list of recent mentions by the BlueWillow bot will appear, along with the corresponding recent images you’re searching for.

Bluewillow Recent Mentions


Accessing the BlueWillow Web Gallery is as easy as a few clicks. With this magical space, you’ll find all your beautiful creations brought to life through BlueWillow Ai. Also, don’t worry about losing your recent gems either; a quick visit to your inbox can retrieve them.

So, let your imagination roam freely, knowing that accessing your artwork is a breeze.


What is the BlueWillow Web Gallery?

BlueWillow Web Gallery is an online platform where you can view and manage all the images you’ve generated using BlueWillow Ai. It’s a virtual space to showcase your creative artwork. 

Can I access the BlueWillow Web Gallery from my mobile device?

Absolutely! You can easily access BlueWillow Web Gallery from any device with a web browser. But make sure that a single BlueWillow account is for a single user. If more than two people access the account, there will be a high chance of getting your account suspended. 

Can I download images from BlueWillow in bulk?

Currently, there is no feature for bulk downloading of images from BlueWillow. However, if you wish to download any photos, you can download them from the Web gallery and the inbox option from the Discord server. 

Are BlueWillow Images used for commercial purposes?

Yes, BlueWillow gives all the rights to the user who generate the image from the platform. Users can use any image for commercial purposes, but users can not use others’ photos without giving them credit.


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